Quirkball Team

Idk this might just be me, but I totally hc the BNHAverse to having special sports for quirk users. (And I’m also lowkey projecting), so here, take this headcannon list no one asked for

  • Quirkball is a special sport for quirk user (I mean no shit)
  • I suppose it’s a lot like volleyball, but with quirks 
  • Super explosive ones, like Bakugou’s are allowed, but all quirks must stay only to the person who’s quirk it belongs to (so like, Todoroki can’t freeze the ball of ice, but he can make the soles of his feet slippery so that he can dive for he ball faster)
  • This is just super intense and dangerous volleyball tbh
  • So, in order for the ball to not get destroyed by the violent hits, all the balls are specially made out of kevlar, which again, is super tough and will hurt the person
  • Rules are exactly like volleyball’s
  • Any creative moves using quirks are valid (for example, Momo creating some arm guards to protect her arms and make it easier to bounce off)
  • Only three people on the court at a time because of how insane it would be if there were more. There are nine people per team
  • UA would be a pretty fearsome powerhouse because all of the students there are specially picked and accepted. Sometimes, the kids who don’t become heroes go on to play this sport

More on this to come!!