#TBT to that one time in #Thailand when I was training with this guy at #PhuketTopTeam and he was handling all of my #strengthandconditioning. At less than three weeks into the trip, I was in the best shape of my life! 👌I was at my #strongest, #fastest, and most #technical. … And then the accident happened. 😧 You can here all about it on this week’s episode of the#BabyFacePodcast at

I’ve since retired from fighting,😞 but the overwhelming number of comments and messages asking me to return are definitely tugging at my heart. ❤While I make NO PROMISES,🙅 I can say IF I were to ever enter the ring again, it would be under three conditions:
✅ #TeamTweet would have to be incorporated into my training at least 2-3 times per year. I met them in June of 2014 and I’ve been inextricably linked ever since. I believe working with them would be a major puzzle piece to my success.
✅ I would want to spend every summer in Thailand with my kids so I could continue to train with some of the world’s top coaches at #PTT. And…
✅ I won’t do any of this without Trauma as my Head Striking and S&C Coach. My best performance mentally and technically was at #Invicta 12 when he handled my entire camp. Things only started to fall apart when we brought in other people to take over my coaching when he was preparing for a fight as well. I won’t make that mistake again. 🚫 However, as many of you know, it will be quite some time before he will be recovered enough to return to coaching so I suppose in the meantime we can just wait and see.

I’ll continue #training, #writing and working to spread #positivity and my #WhatsYourPossible message through my #podcast, and I’ll continue to enjoy receiving all your messages of love and support. Who knows what the #future has in store 💋