#Loso said ” ask yourself when you die are your friends gonna miss you? Is it because you’re beneficial or you been official…? ” a lot of vultures circle because being around men of a certain stature reflects well on them, because they can pretend to be cut from the same cloth if they stick close, because women flock, because of perks and because they get to scrape up the crumbs when the bosses break bread… I know who’s who, I hear everything y’all say in whispers, I see everything y’all do out of jealousy and negativity, but I let it slide because @nyccompton has inspired me not to be that guy that smashes ants with sledge hammers any more and you’re all of no consequence to my vision… they say “a midget standing a giants shoulder can’t see much further than the giant…” #TeamTurnUp2013

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