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loved your fandom v. canon posts for kuroo and bokuto. could i request suga pls? (bc honestly the way he's portrayed in most fic ticks me off so much)

ah man i haven’t written suga enough to be confident about this and also i don’t read a lot of suga fic… so i’m not sure how people mess him up. most of the people i follow are just people who are mad about bad characterizations of suga. but! i will make an attempt. i am already sorry for this.

fandom suga:

  • mom
  • honestly idk what mom even means because my mother is a madwoman so i just kinda rolled with it until i saw people being like “suga isn’t anything like a mom” and i realized
  • what is a mom???
  • soft and nurturing i guess?
  • gentle?
  • seriously i’m too autistic for this and even if i wasn’t i was raised in the wilderness by lunatics i don’t understand
  • i get the feeling this isn’t even a characterization thing it’s just people automatically resorting to gender roles and they don’t even understand how they characterize suga
  • is fanon suga just a gaping “mom” shaped hole that’s not filled with anything at all?

canon suga

  • oh god ok
  • smiles and is supportive for his team
  • smiles and supportiveness intensify by a factor of 1000000 if he knows it’ll fuck with the other team
  • seriously did you see him up against tendou
  • “u think ur the chaos demon. fuck you. i’m the real chaos demon here and i do it by being delightful. get on my level you noodley shit”
  • will listen to your problems and be understanding and patient. or will break your fuckin bones until you pull yourself together
  • how does he decide which approach to use???? i don’t know??? no one knows?????
  • going to suga with your problems is like spinning a wheel with various colors on it and some of the colors mean “gentle nurturing advice” and some mean “chaos will rain upon you and all your family until you solve your fucking problems you worthless mortal” and there is no way of knowing where the wheel will land or even what the result is
  • at some point i wrote a meta about how karasuno is the team of nutjobs. why would you assume suga is not a part of that. he’s a madman. of course he’s a madman. it’s their thing. karasuno is (1) vaguely stable daichi who is stoking the flames while having a reasonable foothold and a bunch of other fucking crazy people. suga is one of them. are you insane. fear him. fear them all.
  • has a tendency to hide behind other people and doubt himself. also manages to overcome that.
  • also even his tendency to hide behind other people is frequently him prodding people into doing crazy shit
  • idk man i want to write more suga but i’m scared of him and you should be too
  • but seriously he’s a chaos god. like… you know how people write oikawa and tendou and kuroo as demons? he would eat them alive if people were honest with themselves