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The Wave (Heart in the Hamper)

I’m textin’ U at 2 am
Like Wassup
Liking all your IG pics , so in all reality U know I’m tryna Fuck
3 am, Dropped off at the Campus
Dorm room quiet like I Farted in a Lecture
Bonnet on & Ur Grabbin’ the D with the “It’s Mine” pressure
Both laughing, Groceries wanna get ate but we both know the pwussy is better
It’s Weekly now , U call me when U need Ur Fixes
I slide through in my 6’s
Bustin Ass , Then Dippin’
Now Ur Runnin w. Ur Woes in Ur 6’s (See) I dodge love while I’m rolling through the trenches
You found BaeGoals ?
Nah , you taste like all my other bitches… #BeYou #dt #DWMTM #LoveisLove #Mood #Artist #TwoSnapsForShak #TeamShak #llmg #Dare2BeDifferent #Observations #RunningThruTheSix


Minha Diva @shakira animando meu domingo. 😍😍😍
#shakloucas #shak #Shakira #teamShak #music #wakawaka (em Em Gravatá)

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Why I love Shakira

Being a teenager in this mad world is nothing but easy. Promoted attitudes demonstrate girls as barbies with no personality and perfect looks who are always famous and delighted with their life and have every boy they want.

Growing up between people like this and being forced to look astonishing and be famous among students in my school in order to be considered an instresting person I found myself being quite different.And this is when Shakira and her life-changing music and personality came into my life.

She’s been my idol for the past 5 years and although it’s not that much sh has contributed a lot since 12 to 17 is a really stange period of your life and is all about self-discovering and being brave enough to support and make good use of who you are. She’s most the biggest inspiration of my life teahcing me to never give up which is easy to say but took me a long time to understand, estimate other people despite of prejudices and so on and find out what really makes me happy and then chasing it. She taught me that a skinny body is not a lifetime goal but a healthy one is. It’s ok not to be complete fit at the beach but to have fun with your friends and enjoy the moment. She taught me that you have to express your emotion and the people who are worth it will estimate this and embrace your true self. You might go through many different periods of your life, wanting to look completely different but you should embrace this and not deny yourself the things that please you no matter what others think.

Being yound and going wherever your talent may take you needs guts and Shaki definitely had them. But she worked hard and didn’t give importance to people trying to sabotage her, only turned around and said “Watch me” when she started successing with her own capabilities and strength of will. She taught me to never forget where I come from and have as many people benefit from what I gain as possible. She taught me the importance of being a patient intelligent hard worker and always showing your personality and look like what you think is nice and not what others do. We all should be proud of being women and feel free to walk around with not perfect bodies but with clever minds, excellant level of education and when it comes to style, our own personal way of looking awesome, because it’s us. Even when sometimes I felt disappointed by her behaviour, her charities, adorable and wonderful way of communicating with young artists,hilarious interviews and wyas of interacting with other peoples, unbelivable way of performing, and amazing definitely inspiring outfits remind me of all the reasons why for me she’s the one and only.And she’ll always be.

Thank you Shaki! 

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