They just don't understand...
The Saturdays fight back to all the rumours

Is it true that Noel Fielding was supposed to be in the All Fired Up video?!

Rochelle - No! He was there on the set. There’s a big place where there’s all different studios. He was in a different studio. He was never going to be in it.

Una - He was wearing all sorts of different outfits he was dressed as a cat, as a devil — I don’t know what he was filming! It was hard to take him seriously

omahahottiesstuff asked:

Gente seus Icons são maravilhosamente perfeitos <333 Eu sou TeamSat então deve imaginar minha felicidade de achar Icons assim. Você segue de volta?

obrigada amor!!! como o twisabados é um tumblr secundario nao tem como, mas se voce quiser eu te sigo no meu tumblr pessoal