Ha! Look at me showing off a new Sansa icon like it's no one's business!

In jest of the recent Sansa outcries, I just couldn’t help but feel the obligation to represent my girl!

(I’m always too lazy to change icons, but damn it, all the Sansa threats got me so mad.)

Sansa fans, we should really start to assemble a Sansasguard. Our girl (and Sophie too, the poor dear) needs to be protected from all the despicably ignorant insults firing at her. #TeamSansa

teamsansa replied to your post:I’m running with the ‘Jean is implied in the sound of the name’. I remember reading from a forum post years ago that the last name Enjolras may not necessarily be rooted from the word 'enjoler’ but from the Occitan word 'enjeura’….which implies 'terrible’.

if you’re handling this book in Beginner mode, I am curious (and slightly terrified) to know what Advanced mode is like

hernaniste .

wordsandshadows  asked:

hi... so... I've seen you post/reblog Deathless things... and I saw it was set in Russia and I like Russian things... so I started reading it... and it's awesome! so thank you! it feels a lot like a really, really, really dark version of Howl's Moving Castle to me... also I thought you should know that the first time Koschei was described, I *immediately* pictured oscar isaac. IMMEDIATELY.

every time i get a message like this

my power grows exponentially

teamsansa replied to your post:It appears someone is actually posting about…

somebody’s history paper is about to get VERY interesting

“turns out, Bossuet was a radical republican! Wait, why are you looking at me like that?”

(No really though they’re posting in French I’m sure they’re not even reading the fandom posts, they’re probably an authority and stuff

I still feel a LITTLE sorry…but not much, because seriously. We get the way better Bossuet.)