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Pokemon Go, from the game developers at Nintendo,the same folks are responsible for producing pokemon red,one of the most popular mobile video games of all time since its release in 2016. Available on the iOS and Android platforms, it’s already being played by millions and millions of people all over the world

There is no shelter from the storm.

Team Instinct is prepared for combat!

This will be a print along with Mystic and Valor as part of the set at Animaga 2016 held this weekend!!

The other night I had a dream where all the teams in Pokemon Go got little mascots. Team mystic’s was this little tubby penguin holding a tiny flag, team valor’s was a little round fox thing with a leather jacket, and team instinct’s was just. The minions. Like the minions from despicable me. I wanted To Die.

I switched to team valor after that

The unofficial mouthpiece Louis Walsh.

Louis Walsh. Mirror, 2015 Mar 25:

But Louis believes the British group will continue to be successful as a four-piece.

Louis Walsh. MTV UK. 2015  Aug 13:

“They’ve had an amazing run. I don’t know who’s going to be a [solo] star. If I was betting on anybody, I’d put my money on Harry [Styles], because he’s got the ambition. Ambition and work ethic, to me they’re as important as talent. The best singers in the world are backing singers, but they’re not stars.”

Louis Walsh. Reveal 2015 Nov 24:

He said: “I’m so bored of One Direction, honest to god. I’ve had five years of One Direction - I wish they’d go off in a different direction!

"I don’t care now, I’ve had enough. I saw them on X Factor recently and they were just going through the motions. If that was Take That or Westlife, they’d really put on a show. They’re the luckiest guys in the world.”

Louis Walsh Telegraph 2016 Aug 25:

Walsh stressed that One Direction’s time was at an end, saying that with regards to their reunion, “it’s not going to happen, nope. No, definitely not.”

We create monsters in the music business – they only become famous because they’ve been on the show and we got you those songs. They’re lucky f—–s, but some get a sense of entitlement and believe the hype. Too many artists appear to forget where they came from.”

Asked if that was what happened with One Direction, Walsh said: “Some of them believed the hype and then everyone around them – publicists, agents, managers – were afraid to tell them because they were making so much money out of them." 

We’re close. We’re really fucking close.