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Forget this, we out

(Context: They are going through a wizard’s lair to free a town from a spell. Among the trapped villagers is Annie, a party member who couldn’t be there that night.)

Players: *realize this dungeon isn’t going to be a walk in the park*
Rogue: Guys should we just leave?
Paladin OOC: Can we even do that?
DM (me): I mean technically yes, there’s nothing stopping you
Rogue: We should just leave
Sorcerer: But what about Annie?
Paladin: I’m sure it’ll be fine
Sorcerer: You’re right. Let’s leave
DM: Ok, so you leave the dungeon, abandoning the town to its fate including your friend. Congratulations, you just doomed your friend and now I have to come up with some excuse for her being free so she doesn’t have to roll new character. We’re stopping there.

Cat Stereotypes

Context: Our party is exploring a cavern and finds hole that drops down 30 ft. Our party discusses how to get down safely.

Tabaxi Monk (ooc): Well I have slow fall so I should just be able to jump down, right?

DM: Sure, So you see (Monk) just jump strait down without any warning

Our dwarf fighter, (ooc): I go see if he lands on his feet.

Monk (ooc): I do

Fighter: I knew it

Monk (who is tired of the tabaxi racism): Sighs*

Rest of the party: Giggles*

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That also means Michael saw your Gerard! i'm so excited

Hell yeah! I’ll use this convenient opportunity to slam down some sweet gerard hc’s

- He’s around 18-19 in my comics. Gerard is something of a guerrilla warfare genius though and was enlisted into the Overwatch project in their search for a more alternate kind of soldier. 

- Gerard has read The Art Of War no less than 8 times. Every time he finishes it cover to cover his own estimation of himself increases twofold. 

- He’s a very gifted polyglot

- Gerard is trans

My dudes. My companions. My bosom buddies.

Voltron Legendary Defender is an otome. Think about it.

Heroine is a lost princess infused with great power and the driving force behind a great destiny.

Wakes up to five mysterious and sexy strangers in her castle. Who are all tied to that great destiny with her.

Fluffy animal companions!!!

An older figure who serves as a mentor. Also very handsome in a silver fox kinda way.

Multiple love interests COMPLETE WITH COLOR CODING!

The mature one who is usually all business but has his humorous moments, and is also illegal levels of hot. No one works with you like he does.

The broody, mysterious one whose initial impression is kinda hostile like what the hell’s his deal? But he’s really a sweetheart. Just can’t social good. Quietly watches over you.

The best friend who makes a great candidate for a femslash route because if there is something Otome games desperately need it’s more gay. Hard to talk to at first, then really warms up to you.

The cuddly one who is all sunshine and sweetness, no secrets, connects with you instantly by teaching you games and other fun things, childhood friend type.

…That Guy™. Why are you even on this route? He’s ridiculous, doesn’t take anything seriously, and way too full of something alright. Still, something about him is irresistible and his Good End is very rewarding.

The animal-eared guy. A secret route that only becomes available through specific decisions and triggered flags. For the secret furry in you.

The Bad. He’ll use you and leave you when he’s done but damn he’s hot. All his endings are Bad Ends unless you play the game in a very, very specific way. It’s fine if love ain’t got nothing to do with it. Go ahead. Let out your inner bad girl.