Meet Shakira
Hello my name is Shakira I’m a full time student and a aspiring model/actress. In my spare time i love to bake, think of many business ventures, practice my craft, network, and attend modeling and actors workshops.   My goals in life one day will consist of owning my own business, becoming a well known individual in the entertainment industry such as modeling, acting, radio or red carpet host, or maybe just the face of a major campaign.   Everyday im motivated by the next individual’s story also for the many opportunities that come across my journey. Clothing has no expectations you definitely have to be open minded it can come in many varieties of fashion.   The number one thing i look for when I’m shopping is value and quality which definitely has to weigh its self out evenly. If the value is expensive the quality needs to be A 1. If the value is inexpensive the quality doesn’t mean so much to me as long as it looks fashionable and presentable (not cheap looking). Always pro’s and con’s when it comes down to style, fashion, and quality of clothing   R.V.C world always stay dedicated and consistent @ what you do to reach the next level. stay inspired and continue to empower one another!! follow me on instagram kiras_world contact shakira@

Do what I did…
Stop accepting failure & make it non- existent in your world!

Every experience is either a winning one or a learning one, but either way GROWTH will always be the byproduct.

Remember: Success begins with your state of mind! ☝️

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