Hey IG,

Hope y'all are doing well. Just wanted to give ya a shout out and some updates. Again my family and myself are incredibly thankful for the love and support that ya have shown us. All of ya have been truly incredible.

We also want to thank all of you who have donated funds to help us with the funeral arrangements. We’re super thankful and by God’s grace all expenses are covered. All remaining funds and any other donations that come in will NOT go towards her funeral. Those funds will go to her children. The PayPal donation link will be taken down shortly. Her photos will still be available on Instacanvas. Any pics that y'all buy from her Instacanvas will go to her children.

Again this community has been amazing in supporting us. #rememberingsarai #saraisierra @_made_in_ny #nyc #teamridd #gf_daily #jj #jj_forum @dclaytonphoto @yellowhook8646 @sgnyco @joshjohnson