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Those who improve with age embrace the power of personal growth and personal achievement and begin to replace youth with wisdom , innocence with understanding , and lack of purpose with self actualization . At the end of the day, change is inevitable. Learn to look at obstacles as opportunities .

The biggest lesson i have learnt this year is , God places us where He needs us to be ..not where we want to be . He placed us where we are so that we can fulfil His purpose upon our lives so that His name may be glorified . All the talents , gifts and skills we have are not ours but His .

Currently have this snippet on repeat. @hotone234 “Paul Anthony” I really can’t wait for the album; “Purpose” (30.11.13) The words of “Never be apart” are touching me. #TeamPurpose Thank you for sharing your heart.

Just a girl, a bike, and God….. I encourage you all to take God out of the box society and the world system has put him in! Sunday and at a church isn’t the only way or time you commune with God! Get creative, so you don’t get bored, look for God in all things and I guarantee you’ll never be bored! God is creative and we are made in his image! Boredom in your spiritual life is a choice! And I choose to be creative! Decide today to look for creative ways to praise and worship and spend sometime in fellowship with our Heavenly Father! As for me I’m gonna get my “prayer & peddling on” @msangelkakes 😉😘 you know why! Ha! #getgivegrow #fellowship #timewithgod #teampurpose #love #prayer (at Hermosa Beach - The Strand)