Kspazzing Brings It Back To Bangtan

Raph: “You bring it back to Bangtan!”

Raph: “Lamp Shade.”

Sabrina: “Lamp Shade provides light…who else is light? There is one
person that’s quite light skin tone in the group…he’s got quite milky
skin…he’s name is V…V’s in Bangtan! Boom! Give me something else!”

Raph: “Philippinos!”

Sabrina: “Philippinos as in people"?

Raph: “Yes!”

Sabrina: “Okay, Philippinos…okay, Philippinos, right? Philippines is an
island…in Asia…where is Asia? Asia is right in Asia. Do you know who else is in Asia? Korea. Do you know who’s in Korea right now? Bangtan!”

Raph: “Weighing scale!?”

Sabrina: “Weighing scales are important because as an idol you manage your weight. Kookie says he was on a diet…Kookie is in Bangtan! Bangtan!”

- Quotes taking from Kspazzing’s reaction to BTS “Boy In Luv” MV


**Reacting to BTS- Just One Day

Sabrina: They changed things, they changed things, they changed things
Raph: Uh.. Maybe I heard you the first time *mocking* They changed things… You’re like the lady on the train that says the next station is..
Sabrina: Baker st. Please mind your self between the train and the platform….. *pause* no but they changed things! 

Watch the full video here

Their spazzing gives me life omg

**I’ll be making more gifs of them please understand, they are Kpop reactors and have a lot to do with kpop because of that so they are just as important~**


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