Your All-Stars 2 Hashtag (and what that says about you)
  • TeamAlaska: You like betting on the clear winner.
  • TeamKatya: You're human.
  • TeamDetox: You live in L.A. and you're a little bitter.
  • TeamAdore: You loved her in season 6 but you haven't really kept up with her.
  • TeamAlyssa: You're the asshole who will stir the pot just to see shit go down.
  • TeamPhiPhi: You follow her instagram and you're hoping to god she's gonna bring that shit to the show.
  • TeamTatianna: "What? You didn't see Season 2? Oh, how funny, I saw Season 2. I'm so excited for her growth."
  • TeamRoxxxy: You want a big girl to win, but not Ginger.
  • TeamGinger: You want a big girl to win, but not Roxxxy. You're also really bitter.
  • TeamCoco: No you're not