Tagging Guidelines

Posts to earn points are published on the team blogs, NOT members’ personal blogs. Members can obviously reblog the post over to a main blog for the credit and glory.

When the reveal starts (Midnight GMT July 26) the team blogs will go public. Posts will appear in tracked tags, including those tagged with your URL. 

Tag posts with #hbowarathonv2 and your team name, i.e. #teamcurraheev2,#teamhumveev2, or #teampacificv2.

Because of the way tracked tags work, make sure to put #hbo war edit (and show, characters, or a pairing name or whatever people track) in the first five tags, or people outside the warathon won’t see it.

Tag the type of content you’re posting, using “warathon" to keep it out of the big tags, i.e. #warathon written#warathon digital. (These do not have to be in the tracked tags, it makes navigating the team blogs’ tags easier.)

You can tag whatever you want as long as you get these ones out of the way first.

Before the team blogs are public, officers should delete posts with members’ art from before the reveal. Art shared privately with the team must be reposted during the reveal. This is to make sure that the art is not recorded as ‘public before the reveal’ and disqualified.

Tags to make tallying/checking points easier:

ROE states to tag the category the post falls under, so:

  • Written
  • Digital
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Art
  • Coding

this is just so later captains and myself can navigate the blogs easier. also please note that tumblr only tracks the first 5 tags, so please tag the show/chars/actors or w/e first. no need for team or hbowarathonv2 tags unless u want to…


Fic points

Alright so someone asked me last night how fic series would be evaluated in regards to points and I honestly had a little argument with myself before deciding:

If it’s in the same universe, it’s all one fic, and will be given points according to the scale:

  • For written fan content:

Fanfiction (depending on the quality of work, score will raised or lowered.)

  •  500 words = 100pts
  • 1000 words = 500pts
  • 2000 words = 1000pts
  • +500 pts for every 5k after

So, chapters and series will equal out the same in points, I don’t want to argue over format since it wasn’t decided beforehand.

I’m hoping you all will be honest in this but, if you’re undecided, ask youself: Could these characters meet? If so, they’re in the same universe and so the same fic, for points purposes.

ie: I am doing a modern!au of my otp, but i have the other chars populating this world, and if I decide to write scenes/chapters about the other chars (as in neither of the otp), that would be part of the same series.

But if I wrote a modern!au with my otp then a totally unrelated modern!au with another char or pairing, it’s two fics.