I really wanted to get this finished days ago but I’m slow (and still unpacking, OMG why do we have so much stuff?).  Anyway, I offered to write a short ficlet for @lilsherlockian1975 when she wasn’t feeling very well, and she asked for sick Molly so here it is.  I know it’s very late, but I hope you like it anyway.

Fair warning - Sherlolly fluff ahead (and a shocking lack of a beta, sorry).

Vegetable Soup and Chamomile Tea

Molly opened one heavy-lidded eye and glared that the minute hand on the wall clock.  

Forty-five minutes of her shift left.

Forty-five excruciatingly long minutes.

She groaned and finally admitted that she might have been a tiny bit overly optimistic when she’d assured her boss that there was no reason to send her home early just because she’d begun to feel a little under the weather after lunch.  

It had started with an easily ignorable tickle in her throat, and then blossomed into a low grade fever and a headache by late afternoon.

Molly closed her eye and longed for her bed. She was going to go straight home as soon as her shift was over–probably only stop long enough to toss her lab coat in her locker–and then she was going to curl up under her blankets and shut out the world.  Toby would join her, her own little purring (and snoring, although she’d never dare to accuse him outright) hot water bottle.  If she remembered, she might even grab a couple of bottles of water and some digestives to put on the nightstand before she burrowed under her covers and tried to sleep off whatever illness was coming.


She jerked awake and found herself looking straight into Sherlock’s concerned expression.  He frowned and leaned back.  “You look horrible.”

“Sherlock!” John barked from somewhere in the lab just out of Molly’s sight.

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