Willingen, 31.1.2015, Team Event

I´m so sorry but 10 photos is a limit in one set, so i have to decide which team will be ´out´ of the photoset and I chose Finnish team, because they have a presentation in which I couldn´t capture all  four of them in one picture:) I really hope Finnish fans won´t be mad:)

Norwegian problem
  • I think it got worse in the last few days.
  • I mean I loved and prefer Norwegians (and Austrians,Germans...etc) to my people, blame Tom Hilde and Kjetil Jansrud back in 2008/2009.
  • And I've always been obsessed with them, sometimes even more than Austrians.
  • Especially in the late 2 years with younger athletes like Kristoffersen, Forfang,Tande, Sjoeen.
  • But the last three days were crazy...I spent hours looking for gif of Fannis on Tumblr (just him) and watching YT videos of Svinsrudsen (Svindal, Jansrud,Kristoffersen)and obv I can't speak a single word in Norwegian except "ski hopp" and problem is I have stuff to do.
  • I need to revise for a uni exam but Norwegian power is too strong 🇳🇴💕