Help Get Stephen Out Of Abusive Situation
My friend Stephen is in a abusive situation. His parents are controlling, belittling, and mentally and financially abusive. We--Stephen, my roommate/best friend Jason, and I--had already made plans to have Stephen move down here with us into our new apartment so a) he could get away, and b) he...

Hi, tumblr.  I know I asked for money recently, but this time it’s not for me.  My friend Stephen ( @teamnormalizer ) is pretty much in the exact same position I was in last year, with mentally and financially abusive parents that he really, really needs to get away from, ideally without going through the drastic climax I had to go through to get away. His parents are controlling, belittling, and downright abusive. We–Stephen, my roommate/best friend Jason, and I–had already made plans to have Stephen move down here with us into our new apartment so a) he could get away, and b) he could resume his education at Johns Hopkins come fall (he had to take a semester off for personal reasons).

Things came to a head the other night as he informed his mother of the move. To say she didn’t take it well is putting it mildly.  But what his father did was worse.  Stephen had a lot of money saved up for the move, enough to afford rent, and even furniture for the new place (we’re currently lacking in a bed for him), and he even had enough to help us when I asked tumblr for help last time.  But his father has just taken it.  All of it.  It was in a joint bank account under his father’s name as well–another way to control Stephen, as his father had access to monitor how much money was being taken in and out, and for what purpose.  We hadn’t expected him to just be able to take all of it, a couple thousand, out like that, and the bank won’t help him since the transaction was done legally. Stephen now only has $90 that he has access to. He can’t even afford to go to therapy now, a condition for his return to JHU.

Stephen has BPD, so we’re hesitant to involve the police.  We don’t imagine they’d be all that sympathetic to mental illness. Stephen is, however, a mentally competent and legal adult, and his parents have no right to control his life and finances like this.

Make no mistake, Stephen IS getting away from them. If I have to round up an army and go to New Jersey myself, he’s coming home to people who actually care about him. But now he’ll be moving with no money, and probably very few possessions, and we’re worried that any day now his parents will cut off all communications to me and the world.  (We have a backup plan in case of that, but it would further complicate things.) It would  be best if we got him out of his environment quickly and quietly, so we need help.  We’re asking for a $2500 goal to replace the money that was taken (the money will go to Jason’s account to be given to Stephen when we get him here), but any amount would be beneficial and much appreciated.

EDIT: Oh!  I forgot to mention! Stephen says he will “doodle” a nice picture for those who donate, upon request. Just leave a comment or message one of us.