‘It’s the first weekend of a brand new season so it’s exciting to know we’ll be back on track again soon and I know we’re more than ready. I’m happy with the car and after a good start to our season with testing I know we can once again aim high. The aim is of course to start strong and I think we are in a good position because I know the team and the car very well.’

Feliz aniversario @felipenasr! 💛💙🎉 I don’t know where to start. I just want to say thank you for all the happy moments that you bring to me on and off track, there is no other driver or person like you! I’m so proud to be your fan and you can be sure I’ll always be there no matter what! Your F1 dream became true and you deserve it so much after all the hard work you have done, now in a few years who knows if an even bigger dream comes true hehe 😊 You deserve all the best things in this World and to be happy always! I’ll keep my fingers crossed as always, let’s bring those points home from Spa! Would be a good birthday present, right? 😄 I will come to Monza this year again and will bring a flag for you to put on grandstand, I hope to see you there again… Once again… PARABENS 👏👏 Que Deus te abcençoe sempre! Aceleraaaa! 🏁#TeamNasr

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