Late Post: PaPao's 24th birthday!

I can’t even find the words to perfectly describe what transpired last friday for Pao’s birthday celebration. The party was a very intimate one with Pao’s closest friends coming over to eat, drink, and have one hell of a night! It was a real feast with grilled ribs, spicy chicken wings, japanese style pansit and mashed potato to fill up our empty stomachs. 

7 kilos of pure goodness!

The food was really great. If you were there, you will hear us saying, “ang sarap” the whole time! Haha! It was all prepared and cooked by Pao’s family. Josh was sort of the spearhead of the cooking department and oh boy, he’ll be a really successful chef once he graduates! 

Joshua, Chef de cuisine ;)

Baby gel, Ivan, and Me left in the table! Yes, it was sarap to the bones. :D

This is the group’s first complete gathering for the year. Plus, some awesome friends joined in which made it more fun and memorable! ;)

(L-R: Meng, Alex, Kenneth, Deb, Pao, Carlo, Barnett, Jmp and Tisha)

(L-R: Me, Ivan, Real, Meng, Pao, Digs)

Real, Meng, Pao with the coolest and funniest professor in DevCom, Sir Ed! :)

With Kt, Donna, and Tita Pris

After dinner, inuman sesh was next. The night before, we were talking about how scary it would be that night since a couple of hard drinks and bottles of beer will be served to savor and drown ourselves with. We were not really expecting to finish up everything since we were less than 20 that night but as we say, “don’t underestimate the drinking prowess of people.” :P 

Alcohol, alcohol.

It started out as a steady drinking session but as the night progress, people are getting talkative and makulit already. Yes, a few were knocked down and were sources of laughter and very good memories for that night. They made the night and the morning after epic! ;)

The improvised beer bong made by Josh. Highlight of the night: Beers with shots of Tequila for this creation!

The Pogi Threesome: Meng, Jutt, and Ivan 

It was a very long night of quality talks and laughters from everyone. Pao’s party will top everything when it comes to how to start the year right!

  • Delicious food: Check!
  • Over flowing booze: Check!
  • Awesome friends: Check!
  • One hell of a good time: Double Check!

The morning after, everything was gone and we all have enormous amount of alcohol in our bodies. Haha! So much for a good time! Nevertheless, it was an EPIC night that we would all look back to and laugh about someday. :)

P.S. One more thing that made me happier that night: I was able to spend some time with my baby again. After N fights, we’re back with a vengeance! Teehee! 

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