Any illustrators out there who would kindly make us (teammizuhara) a logo and header? We will be making the website very soon, so having these things would be good!

Looking for a very simple design of her portrait with ‘Team Mizuhara’ on it somewhere. Will leave the rest up to you! 

If you have any questions please contact us by email at: and send us the final design by this email also. 

Thank you! 

After reading the translation of Kiko’s interview on Marie Claire Korea Magazine, my love for this girl is growing strong once again. She’s a thoughtful girl with soul and I can feel that Kiko will be a great person to be with. Not only because she is pretty (some can say she is too thin and not attractive but everyone has their own taste so I will not argue with them) but also this girl is a truly inspiration, at least for me. She acts, she models, she works her ass off and still not complains about the hardship she’s been through. She’s positive and she seems to be a good sister to Yuka and a good daughter to her parents. That’s enough to love her!   

Big thanks to Teammizuhara for translating her interview.