Dearest Jane Fans –

I want to begin this letter by telling you about the magic of Brett Dier.  He took a character – built from the beginning with secrets and moral lapses – and made him so likable, so funny, so sincere in all the right ways, that most of our writers’ room became #teammichael by the end of the first season.  And I honestly don’t think I’ll ever love a moment on our show as much as I loved Michael’s vows to Jane…  Which is to say, this was a devastating episode for us to write.

It was also a decision made very early on, when I thought about our story as a whole.  And even in season one, I knew it would be a hard thing to actually do, which is why there was a line (which many of you noticed) about how Michael would never stop loving Jane.  And the Narrator confirmed, “For as long as Michael lived, until he drew his very last breath, he never did.”  Honestly, I put that line into the script at the last minute to hold our feet to the fire, to make sure we went through with it.  Because even back then, the writers could all see the magic of Jane and Michael together.  Not to mention Rogelio and Michael!    

The other reason I put that line in the script was to prepare you… a little.  If the writers and actors loved Michael so much, then I knew it would be devastating for the fans.  So then, the only surprise we had left, was when…

And again – that goes back to the magic of Brett Dier.  Originally, I thought Michael would die earlier.  But Brett is such an incredible actor – he gave us such great comedy and drama and first-rate exposition delivery (!), often all in one scene.  And he and Gina… well, there’s that word again – magic.  So, we changed some things in the writers’ room.  Jane and Michael got married.  They had sex. They moved into their first home. And I’m so glad we did that and I’m so glad all those firsts for Jane were with Michael.  But this is a telenovela, as we so frequently remind you.  And we are only at our midpoint.

You’ll recall, back in the pilot, Jane was on a path.  Things were mapped out.  And then she was accidentally artificially inseminated and everything changed.  Well now, everything is changing again.  How does our romance-loving hero move on, how does she get back the light and the hope…?

Well, it’s certainly not quick.  And that’s why we’re now three years later in our story.  We’ll be flashing back to those three years and filling in gaps, but mining emotions realistically is something we work hard on and we knew the immediate pain of that loss would overwhelm our storytelling.  After talking to grief counselors, this felt like the right time to reenter Jane’s journey.  She’ll always feel Michael’s absence (and trust me, we will too), but it opens up our storytelling in new and exciting ways, while allowing for the light and bright Jane world that we love to write.  

Which brings me to something I feel really badly about.  The timing.  I’ve had so many tweets lately about how Jane is a bright spot these days. And I know you just watched a gut punch of an episode.  So, I just wanted to reassure you that Jane’s optimism will rise up.

Thank you guys so much for watching the show, for caring so passionately, and for going on our journey. And thank you so much to Brett. For his talent.  His passion.  His humor on set.  Michael will be missed in Jane’s world, just as Brett is already missed in ours.  

With love,

Jennie Urman


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“A Soulmate usually only comes once in you life to shake things up, show you true love, and stand up to you in ways no one else ever has.
They adore you yet challenge you to you dullest potential.
A soulmate relationship isn’t only peaches and cream, it’s roses with thornes.

jaimecamil We adore you @brettdier ♥ You are everything #JaneTheVirgin

justinbaldoni It’s so rare to meet someone who can instantly make a gloomy day feel so endlessly bright. There wasn’t a day I didn’t look forward to coming to set and laughing with you brother. You are my favorite (and only) alien friend I’ve ever had, and this journey wouldn’t have been anything close to as happy, fun or meaningful without you. You were my first bromance and no one will ever replace you- not even the super handsome and charming @jaimecamil. That place in my heart is carved out for you my brother. I can’t wait to see what you do next! Hollywood - if you are reading this…get ready because @BrettDier is the future. I love you man. We already miss you so much dude. This was tough. #TeamMichael forever. 

Dear Jafael Shippers:

If your reasons for wanting Jane to be with Raf include his looks, money, being Mateo’s father or the fact that he told Jane she should be a writer then TO ME your opinion is invalid. Most of those reasons are shallow and honestly my professors tell me I should follow my dreams all the time; does that mean I should be with them as well? Michael also encouraged Jane to be a writer by pushing her to fight harder for grad school and telling her to go even though she was worried about leaving Mateo too early. If not for him Jane would not have gotten as far as she has with her writing (including the fact that parts of her story were used for Angelique Harper’s novel).

Just wanted to give you Raf shippers something to think about. Feel free to argue your case for Raf if you’d like, Im actually curious to see some REAL reasons why he’s better for Jane..

Not to be rude but the writers and Jennie can’t say #teammichael forever right after killing him like??? obviously not.. stop speaking his name

Only rarely do you come across a character death you just can’t shake. My world is shattered. I’m heartbroken.
Before #JanetheVirgin, I didn’t know who Brett Dier was. But all of the sudden, he was Michael Cordero, a fun-loving detective, and the perfect partner to @hereisgina Jane Villanueva on my favorite television show. During season one, I became #TeamMichael. But during season two, I became #TeamBrett.
Two years ago, I didn’t know about Brett or Michael. Now, I can talk about Michael Cordero as one of my favorite, and most beloved television characters of all time. I can also talk about how amazing and influential Brett Dier is, on and off the screen.
I’m happy I got to know Michael- his jokes, his friendship, and his love and loyalty for Jane and her family. As it’s the love and friendship everyone deserves and should hope to find. But I’m even more thankful that I got to know Brett- his kindness, his silliness, his beautiful outlook on life. So THANK YOU @brettdier. Not just for giving us an incredible performance, but for being you.

anonymous asked:

What's your opinion on Jacob? I'm curious haha. What's his part in all of this?

Well, I’m obviously #teamMichael so naturally Jacob isn’t my most favourite person in the world because of that (not his fault to be fair)

One of the thoughts I had when watching 5x02 was that it was really kind of him to be so open to talking about Michael with Sara. It can’t be easy for someone in his situation to talk about his wife’s past love, while being very aware that he was her one true love and all that. So yes I thought he was very kind for so willingly discussing Michael, because I’m guessing that we are meant to assume he has been willingly doing that for Sara ever since they met :) 

HOWEVER I definitely think he’s got some deep role here… in 5x01 we saw all those paper cranes in the drain by their mailbox, and who else would have disposed of them like that other than Jacob? 

Also, I read someones tags in a gifset today with a GREAT theory, which was that Jacob is Poseidon (the guy in charge of the two people after Sara)! This would explain why he isn’t letting them kill her, because I’m sure he does care for her. I reckon he just wants to keep her away from the truth, which is why he’s working with those two

no offense but why are so many of yall #teammichael? is it because michael is the white Nice Guy™ ?  michael is boring, manipulative, controlling, clingy  and feels like hes somewhat entitled to jane. some of yall believe good guy = michael and bad boy = rafael so obviously michael is the one who deserves jane!!!. thats a small minded cookie cutter mentality yall have there

also personally michael and jane have no chemistry. that walking on air kiss that was supposed to be ‘off the charts’ with chemistry had me squinting and looking for something that wasn’t there. if you guys wanna talk about chemistry rewatch s1 jafael scenes. be still my fucking heart.

anyway im not even stressing bc i know my ship jafael will rise. its only a matter of time. s2 cant run on jane and michael