BBRae Week!

It’s almost here. My favorite time of year; the week of my fave OTP! 

I encourage everyone to participate! No matter what your talent or abilities, there’s always ways to show some love for these two amazing characters and their relationship. Even if you only pick one prompt! Go for it, share the love! :D I know I will. (I have a queue set up just for this lol.)

In fact, I plan on this blog being very active this coming week. Everything I reblog or create specifically for the week will be tagged #bbraeweek2017, for easy access. I’ll also try to fill out some of those prompts in my inbox, and I’ll be here to discuss how awesome this ship is! So don’t be a stranger. :)

Here’s the prompts again for anyone who wants to participate! Also feel free to hit up the official blog @bbraeweek17 for any questions you have!

May 1st: Unorthodox Sleeping Arrangements Vs Pining
May 2nd: Primal Vs Awkward moments
May 3rd: Firsts Vs Telling the Team
May 4th: Goodbyes Vs Lips/Kiss
May 5th: Casual Love Vs Marriage
May 6th: Rainy Days Vs Beach/Ocean
May 7th: Domestic Vs Doom Patrol/Justice League 

Now let’s get ready to enjoy the greatest week ever! :D

P.S. please enjoy this fun thingy I made. 


Are you #TeamMay or #TeamPac ?


#MayPac #RBRBoxing #FightGauge

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