teammate sequel

Updated Queue

It’s Saturday! Good day peeps! Hope your teams are doing well and not trying to kill you! (I’m guessing the response is a firm no for everyone!) Here is the updated queue guys! I’m trying to get them cranked out faster to keep doing 4 a day, but finals are coming up so I’ve got to work studying in somehow! So forgive me!

Today- Mitch Marner- Catches you rapping

              Andre Burakovsky- hit him in the balls

             Sebastian Aho- argues in Finnish

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Updated Queue!

Once again it’s Wednesday and y’all are the greatest for sticking around with me!! I’m trying to get these knocked out as quick as I can but can you believe it ladies and gents? I HAVE OVER 200 REQUESTS!!! Y’all are amazing and I love you and even when it takes me a month to get to yours, you guys still tell me I’m amazing! Love y’all!

Today- William Nylander- jealous of accident

             Mikko Rantanen- comforting after stress

           Jimmy Vesey- Hank’s sister/pro snowboarder

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Updated Queue

Hey guys! It’s Wednesday! You guys over the weeks my queue has GROWN so much that some of y’all wanted dates added so you’ll have a better idea! Some may change due to more/less productivity, but I’m trying to keep on schedule! So I hope there’s something on here you’ll like! Thank you so much for all of your love and support guys! It means a lot!!!! Love you!!!

Today- Sebasatian Aho- Hell and Back by Andrew Garcia

            Adrian Kempe- Somebody Else by The 1975

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