How many five year olds do you know who had to battle for their life everyday?

This little boy was not only a fighter, he was a superhero.

#SickleCell Disease kills too many people because not enough people know about the most common genetic disease in the world!… Lack of awareness kills! It’s as simple as that! It is devastating that this little boy had to suffer because of lack of #awareness.

Pass it on, it could save a #life! #TeamMaddox

Uno de mis libros favoritos sin duda. Me he leído el libro en 4 días y deseando comprarme el siguiente! LA SELECCIÓN 😻💗👑 {Soy #teammaxon por siempre} 💑 (en Málaga, Spain)

Sad news to hear that an extremely inspiring man like #MichaelMaddox is gone too soon. I had the honor of meeting and working with him only once. He truly cared about his team and the empire he built. When we met, I told him how inspired I was by his career, and he was so moved that it literally brought a year to his eye. May he R.I.P. My prayers go out to his family and loved ones. #TeamMaddox