As I woke up just now, I was thinking, ‘should I check my DM in my twitter?’

You can say that I am twitter addict from the first moment I sign up for twitter for the last 2 years.. As for your information, I am a kpopper which is I am a kpop addict. Not just addict, I am a die hard fan of kpop.

So when I am checking my *connect* just now, someone tweet me this picture and the caption is *kpoppers’ problem*.

I was like lol true!! An ordinary girl in dilemma cause they didnt know who to choose between Justin Bieber or Zayn Malek. Its like should I be *belieber* or *directioner*.

But then, kpoppers not in just dilemma but crazily in dilemma. Who should we choose cause we have too many bias.

Another thing that I want to point out is, as a belieber, you can only choose one person. Ok fine. As a directioner, you can choose cause you have choices. But then, as a kpopper, you can choose MANY BIAS!!

We have, a drama bias, KIdol bias and so on.. So uncountable.

Please take a note that I am not bashing belieber or directioner. I am just sharing what I got from my twitter and to me its a freakin funny. For your information, I am also belieber. I love him from his first debuted!!