WTF ! This is my room that I live in my house that I pay for, people are such fucking haters. I have never gotten Internet attacked in such a way that it has actually made me upset. Just an fyi in no way shape or form am I getting paid by ANYONE to talk about and spread the word about my favorite djs and producers. It’s sad that we live in the day that any time you do something for someone people think that I am somehow benefiting from it. I am not a freaking promoter I am a fan. I don’t know ANY of the djs I like personally in ANY way shape or form. I’m not getting paid to make signs or play music and tell my “followers” about it. People need to get a fucking life, seriously. I love my favorite djs because they are my preferred music to listen to. If you have issues with that then go the hell away. What I’m doing shouldn’t concern you or anyone else. With that said, I’ll continue to support the music I love REGARDLESS of what anyone thinks. Have a good night plur #yallmotherfuckersneedplur #fuckyou #idowhatiwant #teamkaskade #teamlema #teamcarnage #teamdiplo #teammajorlazor ALL FUCKING DAY !

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