(This is so basic omfg.) My repackage album is coming out this summer, hopefully before June ends or maybe in early July. Tracklist and release date to be announced. :3 #teamkappei

My baby, you’ve got Gucci, lips look like cherry,
We’re gonna party on this floor, be steady,
Gonna grind on each other ‘til it’s late, hey, my baby, I’m your daddy.
Look, you’re a beauty, I won’t leave you here so swiftly, 
All I know is you’ll be in it, my life, forever, there’s no limit.
Don’t be scared, it’s just one-one night, once the lights go off, I’ll make it alright,
Holy shit, she’s so fine, there’s a fire burning, call 1-1-9.
Now, I’ll get crazy with you all night, and we won’t stop until there’s a fight,
Everybody move~! Everybody, anybody!