It’s nothing but a risk taker. I mean basically you give your heart to one person, trusting and believing they take care of and cherish it, only to have them take it and smash it into little tiny pieces. Love isn’t nothing but a gamble, you either lose or win and sadly I lost. When you fall in love you’re doing nothing but setting yourself up for heartache, or maybe thats just my perspective. Who knows I’m drunk as hell right now. Chuckling, I looked up from the empty glass waving the bartender over. He held up a finger a signaling that I needed to wait.

“You know you shouldn’t drink away your pain” shifting my eyes, I looked over seeing him sitting next to me. With a dry chuckle, I turned my body towards him, watching as his eyes shifted to my bare legs. “What do you know about pain?” He gave me a ‘really bitch’ look and I giggled. “Ok maybe you do, but its the only way I can forget.” Chris smiled sadly at me as the bartender came back.

“Same thing?” I nodded, focusing back on Chris. “How did you do it?” I took the glass filled with Barcardi and pineapple juice from the bartender. “Do what ma?” He twisted the leather cap around backwards licking his plump lips at me. “Get over the heartache.” I didn’t have to say names we both knew what I was taking about.

Taking a large sip of the toxic liquid I shook my head sitting the glass down. “I did what your doing now.” I hiccuped feeling my eyes water a little. “Did it help?” He chuckled blandly, “what you think?” I frowned shaking my head. “I’m sorry.” Picking up my cup I drunk the rest of the strong liquor waving the bartender over. “For what ma?” “For being a bitch to you that day at the studio.” He nodded, “it’s all good.” It was quiet between us for awhile. I entertained myself drinking my pain away and Chris eyes stayed on me the whole time.

I eyed Chris feeling myself become turned on at the sight of him. I licked my lips and smiled lustfully at him. “You like taking risks Chris.” I leaned my body closer to his my lips touching his every time I spoke. “Depends will it cost me a lot.” I shrugged placing my hand on his denim covered thigh. “Not if no one knows.”

He grinned, “you drunk.” Trailing my fingers higher and higher I traced his zipper. “I’m fully aware of what I’m doing, a little bit of liquid courage helps too.” He chuckled shaking his head.

~ An Hour Later ~

“Yes!!” I panted digging my nails on the back of his neck. He buried his face in my neck, flicking and swirling his tongue around my spot. “Chris!!” I screamed when he lifted my right leg throwing it over his shoulder. “Fuck baby!” He grunted in my ear and I moaned feeling my eyes roll to the back of my head.

Rolling us over, I straddled him before bouncing up and down. With my head thrown back, my long weave touched his lower abdomen as his hands squeezed my breast. “Shit, go faster.”

Ignoring him I did what I wanted to do. Lifting all the way up, I stood over him watching as his face twisted in confusion before twisting into pleasure as I dropped down on his dick in a split. “Ki” Giggling my legs stayed in a split form as I rolled nothing but my hips bending down and kissing his plump lips

His tongue massaged mine, my ass pressed up against the palm of his hand as I rode him slow. Lifting my head up I stared into his eyes, and he smirked sitting up against the headboard. My legs wrapped around his back and my arms around his neck. He held me tighter, sucking on my neck while I rotated my hips in a circular motion. “This my shit?” Ignoring him, I focused on the pleasure I was recieving when he started to take control.

Is it bad that he makes my body feel things that Michael couldn’t?

“Stop thinkin ‘bout that nigga Ki.” I gasped when he laid me on my back and pounded into me hard. My response was only a nod of my head as I scratched his back up. My head literally hung off the foot of the bed as my lower half took the assault that he was giving me.


“Hmm, I see why these ho’s go crazy over you” Chris chuckled pulling my naked body close to him. “I mean what can I say I puts it down!” I laughed turning over on my back. “Shut up!” “Naw but fa’ real Kiana I actually like you, I been feeling ya lil mean ass since I met you but you ain’t want to give a real nigga the time of day.” He pulled me back over to him placing me on top of his body. “Your my ex’s close friend, I would look like a ho jumping from him to you.” He frowned running his fingers through my now curly weave. I was only half way sober so this conversation was really going in one ear and out the other. “You ain’t gone look like a ho Ki, you grown this ain’t high school.”

Waving him off I grabbed the blunt from his hand, taking a long pull. I inhaled blowing out small circles. “Don’t you got a girl.” I coughed a little when the smoke went down the wrong pipe. “It’s complicated.” I rolled my eyes passing it back to him rolling off of him and out of the bed. Picking up the black bra and panties I slipped them on my body and walked out of his room. Walking down the stairs I went into the kitchen opening his refrigerator. “Damn make yo self comfortable then.”

I jumped a little at his voice before grabbing the box of Pizza Rolls. “I am, you want some?” The least I could do was offer, it would be rude not to. He nodded his head, walking past me and towards the cabinets. Opening the 90 count bag, I grabbed the bowl out of his awaiting hand pouring a good amount in the bowl.

Placing the bowl in the microwave I put it on 2 minutes before hopping up on the island counter top. “I don’t want any parts of the messy ass relationship, but we can pretend for one night.” Grabbing the bottle of GTV I opened it drinking it straight. “You tryna get fucked up Kiana?” I nodded as he massaged the top of my thighs. “I’ll stop when the pain in my chest goes away.”

He looked at me sadly taking the half empty bottle from me. I pouted, ready to throw a temper tantrum but he gave me a look telling me to chill. “You said let’s pretend for one night right?” I nodded tracing the roses on his chest. “Then forget about Michael for tonight and focus on us.” I liked the sound of that. Grinning at him, “just for tonight, help me get rid of this pain…” I trailed off as the beep on the microwave sounded. With a grin Chris nodded kissing my lips before taking them out of the microwave pressing his finger into them making sure they weren’t cold. I let out a disappointed sigh when he placed them back in setting it for one minute.

Returning back to his previous position which was between my legs he asked another question. “When ya’ll leave?” I thought about it for a minute before answering. “The 23rd, I have a business to get back to,” He cocked an eyebrow, “word what you do?” I smiled when he grabbed the food out the microwave sitting it on the side of us. “I own a boutique called ‘XO’, and I’m also a dental assistant.“ Chris nodded with an impressed expression on his face. Pushing him back a little I hopped down from the counter. "That’s what’s up baby. A girl with her own, I like that.” Smiling a little I grabbed the bowl and headed upstairs.

Sitting in the middle of the bed, I looked up seeing Chris with a bottle of Everfresh CranApple in his hand. “These are so good” I moaned chewing on the hot snack. Chris plopped down next to me resting his head on my leg. “I know we said we weren’t going to talk about this but can I ask you something?” Shrugging my shoulders I responded with a yes. “When you was with Ty did you ever really feel like it was real love.” I scrunched up my face a little. I never really put to much thought into it I just knew I loved Michael and he loved me. Or so I thought. “Honestly?” “Yeah, you ain’t got to lie to me.”

“Yeah, funny thing is I knew Ty before him and Blac Chyna started fucking. We met at a restaurant in New York and became good friends, best friends actually, which over time blossomed into a relationship.” I chuckled dryly placing a pizza roll in my mouth. Chewing my food I swallowed before saying anything. “Long story short he actually cheated and left me for her. His excuse being I was always busy-with school and work that is.” Chris looked up at me and shook his head. “You too beautiful to be treated like that, if you was my girl I’ll treat you how your suppose to be.” I smiled running my fingers against his chest. “But I am your girl, just for tonight.” With a seductive grin Chris flipped me over putting the empty bowl and juice on the side of the bed and hovered over me. “Just for tonight?” I nodded brushing my lips against his, “just for tonight, fuck me like I’m not her.” Placing his lips on mine I closed my eyes getting lost in our own world.

Only for one night right?


My Lanvin stilettos collided with the cream colored marble floors as I looked in awe at the beautiful suite. The ceiling to floor windows gave me the perfect view of Los Angeles night life. The marble spiraled staircase was held up by a gold rail.

The living room was absolutely breathtaking. The theme being old but modern day Italian with the white and gold trimmed couches. Feeling a large hand on my lower back I looked up at August and smiled. “C'mon bae.” Without saying anything I took his opened hand as he led me up the stairs.

This entire suite was gorgeous, it made me feel like a Princess or something like royalty.

Quietly we walked up the steps his Ferragamo dress shoes and my heels were the only sounds that could be heard. “Close ya eyes.” Doing that, I felt him stand behind me and tie something around my eyes. I soon heard a door open and felt him guiding my body to wherever he was taking me.

“A'ight how many fingers I got up?” I giggled a little and shrugged. “I'on know I got a bind fold on remember?” Hearing his light chuckle he didn’t say anything all I heard was his light foot steps walking across the room. Suddenly the sounds of Luther Vandross 'If Only for One Night’ played softly in the background.

Becoming impatient I shifted in the black stilettos and pouted. Hearing his deep husky chuckle, I inwardly rolled my eyes. “Can I look now?” I heard shuffling around a little, and the smell of Vanilla and Jasmine filled the room. My two favorite scents.

I grinned, he does listen when I talk to him. August plump lips touched mine, swiftly sliding his tongue in my mouth. With his hands gripping mine I was unable to roam my hands in his soft hair. All to soon he pulled away chuckling when I pouted. Suddenly, the blind fold was off and after my eyes adjusted to the light I grinned. “Baby!!”

Rose pedals were placed on the bed forming the letters A and B. Around that were white and pink roses placed carelessly but romantically around the room. In the center of the bed was a bottle of Armand de Brignac commonly known as Ace of Spades sitting next to two empty glass cups.

My eyes roamed around the room taking in the dimly lit scene. The Vie Luxe scented candles were the only source of light creating a romantic atmosphere. Turning to a smiling August I wrapped my arms around his neck kissing his lips. “Thank you baby, even though I know you had help. Was it Ki or Kai?” He palmed my ass smirking and brought his lips to my forehead. “Ya welcome it was both but I did most'a everything, na go head and get in da bath I’ll be there in a mintute.” Raising my eyebrow I stepped back looking at him. I’m serious when I say I will not have sex with August. At least I think won’t. Seeing the expression on my face he grinned. “It ain’t even like that just go do what I said.” Rolling my eyes I walked into the bathroom seeing pink, white, and red rose pedals. Like in the bedroom the only light came from the candles but had a different smell of honey and almond.

I looked at the large bath tub that was filled with bubbles and roses. Slipping off the Katya Zoy cashmere sweater I let it fall into a lavender pool on the marble floors followed by the Balmain skirt. It’s safe to say Balmain is and always has been my favorite designer. Standing in nothing but my pink Victoria Secret set and my heels, I glanced over at my body in the larger mirror. I’m glad we went to get bikini waxes earlier. Now that I think about those fools sat in the room laughing and grinning at me the whole time like something was funny.

I chuckled, I can’t help but to love them though. Humming softly to Boyz II Men, unsnapping the bra watching it fall carelessly with the rest of my clothes. Leaving me in only a lavender lace thong and high heels I bent down pulling the heels off and standing back up. Once I was completely undressed I stepped in the steamy hot tub and sighed in relief.

This felt so good.

Closing my eyes, I sunk lower in the bath water as I let my thoughts consume me. I had so much on my plate when I went back home to New York. School was starting back up and the classes were only going to get harder. I had at least 3 meetings with a couple of people regarding a clothing line I wanted to start and on top of that my birthday was just around the corner. I chuckled, I was doing so much and still working on becoming a doctor. Oh and let’s not forget Benny has been calling me non-stop for the past week.

I guess blocking his number isn’t helping. I just want him to let me be. It’s like he has a Brooklyn radar and every time he senses that I’m happy he comes and fuck it up.

I won’t let him fuck this up especially with August and I.

August, he’s special to me. I never felt this way for a man ever in my life, not even for Benny. It was something about his southern accent, his passion, and his I’on give a fuck attitude that pulled me in. I think that’s what attracted me most to August. He has a way of telling you exactly how he feels and not giving a ounce of fucks. I admire how hard he goes to be successful and being an inspiration to kids, teens and adults out here. I won’t lie he even inspires me, it’s nothing more sexier than a man hustling to become better in life. It makes my body heat up when I see him on the phone handling business or when his jaw clenches, it’s sexy.

Despite him being a singer he still has that thuggish side to him, even when he sings it’s not of an average R&B singer. If I could describe his music in a one word I would say real. He doesn’t sing about making love to woman or anything of that nature, he sings about real life situations–his struggle and how he over came it. It doesn’t help my attraction towards him when he talks in interviews and how he lets it be known that in so many words he’s still about that life. I chuckled a little, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be in this position with him.

And to think I wasn’t even going to go out with Ki that night.

I don’t know how we’re going to make what ever we doing work with us being across the country from each other. I honestly don’t care as long as he is trying and I am as well then it doesn’t matter.

The scent of Tom Ford invaded my nose and I smiled opening my eyes seeing a shirtless August standing over me. “Hi” I mumbled shyly watching as he sat on the edge of the tub. He leaned his head down kissing my cheek before grabbing the plate of exotic fruit. I didn’t see that before.

“Close ya eyes, I’m bout ta test ya Jamaican roots.” With a roll of my eyes I closed my eyes, leaning my head back against the tub. “Open ya mouth” his voice deep and sultry. Opening my mouth I felt him place the juicy fruit in my mouth. “Close it” doing just that I closed my mouth chewing on the fruit. “Mango” he chuckled “that was easy, here’s anotha’ one.” Repeating the process I chuckled after getting most of them right he sighed. “A’ight last one” nodding I licked my lips. He ran the fruit over my lips causing them to become moist with the juice from the fruit. Just by tasting the juice I knew exactly what it was. My mama used to feed it to us all the time.

“Open ya mouth.” I did tasting the sweet fruit on my tongue, before I could close my mouth I felt August skillful tongue invade my mouth as his plump lips captured my smaller ones. Between the exotic taste of the fruit and heated passion of the kiss, my body was on fire.

I moaned into the kiss wrapping my wet arms around his neck and pulling him closer. The bubbles covered my body so I wasn’t concerned with him seeing anything. Bracing his self August gripped my hair pulling me slightly up so he wouldn’t fall in. That wouldn’t be a good look. His hands pulled at the roots of my hair jerking my head up so he could kiss me deeper. With my tongue I rubbed against his, moaning into his mouth.

Breaking apart my arms still wrapped around his neck and his arms still in my hair our breathing was heavy as we grinned at each other. “Damn.” He grumbled out releasing me from his hold. With a slight giggle I sat back against the tub leaning further into the bubbles and smirked.

“Malay Apple and your lips.” August licked his lips looking at me with an unreadable expression, but his eyes had a hint of lust in them. Biting his bottom lip, I crossed my legs watching as he eyed my wired body. Standing up from the edge of the tub he grabbed the white towel and held it up.

Silently I stood to my feet and he wrapped the white fluffy towel around my body helping me out. “Here, I won’t look tell me when ya finish.” Nodding I took the red 'Agent Provocateur’ set from him, grinning when he turned around. Dropping the towel it made a loud sound. Slipping the risky bra and panty set on, I walked up behind him wrapping my arms around his waist.

He turned in my arms stepping back to look at me. “I gotta thank Ki lata.” Chuckling, I clasped my hands together glaring down at my red painted toes. “You flawless B, ya kno dat?” He complimented me before picking me up, bridal style. With a gasp I wrapped my arms around his neck while my legs dangled over his arms.

He carried me over to the bed as the soft sounds of Aaliyah filled my ears. Placing my lips on his neck he tensed a little and soon relaxed as I placed light kisses on him. Placing me on the bed, he licked his lips grabbing the roses that sat on the bed throwing them on me.

Laughing, he stared at me with a look of awe before speaking “Chill Gi, I’m tryna respect ya wishes.” I blushed feeling my chest tighten at his cute confession. Smiling, I sat up on my knees in the middle of the bed, twirling a curl around my finger “Forse non voglio che tu” I spoke looking him dead in the eye. He shifted a little biting his lip, never breaking eye contact. Smirking I got on my hands and knees crawling over to him.

Now in front of him. I trailed my hands over his inked chest tracing the designs on his chest. Looking up at August he looked down at me while biting his bottom lip. Licking my lips, I leaned my head up kissing him, his hands falling on my hips.

Breaking apart he pecked my lips and stared at me. “Sit right there.” He motioned his head towards the middle of the bed. Crawling to where he gestured I sat on my knees playing with the roses around me. I seen the flash from his iPhone and looked up. Smiling I stuck my tongue out as he snapped the picture.

After the mini photo shoot he grabbed the champagne and popped the bottle open. I squealed and he chuckled when the top popped off making a loud sound. He quickly grabbed the glasses, filling them up as the fizz got on the floor and on his hand. “You’re so messy.” I giggled taking the glass from his out stretched hand. “You 'bout to be too.” I chose to ignore that statement and drink from my cup.

August sat his half full glass down and walked over to his Louis Vuitton backpack. I drunk the rest of the champagne and sat it on the night stand. I looked up seeing August with a bottle of massage oil in his hand. Grinning, he walked over to me and pecked my lips before getting on the bed.

“Lay down.” Turning around I laid down folding my arms over each other and resting my head on my arms. “Dat ass tho” I laughed sitting up on my elbows and looking at him. He chuckled, getting on the large bed hovering over me and sitting on my butt making sure not to put all his weight on me.

Moving my hands I placed them underneath the cool pillow laying my face on the comforter. Feeling the oil trail down my spine I closed my eyes when his large hands massaged my back.

Starting from my lower back his hands worked his way to the top. His fingers dug into my skin and I felt my muscles relax as he pressed on the right spot. “That feels good.” I moaned out, “Why ya so tensed baby?” I shrugged as he continued massaging and kneeding his hands in my back.

If he wasn’t a singer I could see him being a professional masseuse that’s how good he worked his hands.

His large hands massaged my sides, brushing against my side boob through the lace material and I shook my head closing my eyes. Moving his hands up to my neck he began to do the same as he did with my back. I sighed in content feeling all my worries disappear as I focused on the beautiful man catering to my body.

Lifting off me August masculine hands began to rub in the oil he placed on the back of my thighs touching dangerously close between my thigh. I shivered feeling her pulse at the temptation.

“Ya good baby?” Behind the huskiness was laughter in his voice never stopping from massaging my thighs. Rolling my eyes I ignored him, keeping my legs shut. He chuckled, before I felt his minty breath in my ear. “ya’ wet?” It was safe to say that I was drenched, i’m talking Niagara Falls type of drenched and that damn accent made it no better.

He chuckled before I felt his long lanky fingers trail between my thighs brushing across my box through my panties that happened to be soaked. I moaned burying my head in the comforter before he laughed. “Neva’ mind I got mah answer.” I kept my face in the comforter while he continued to tease me, I tensed up. “You gotta relax baby, you need me ta help ya’?”

I kept my lips shut ignoring him, before I was flipped on my back. I watched with red cheeks and low eyes as he eyed my body licking over his lips. “Ya aint gone answer me?” I shook my head blushing when he gripped my thighs pulling me closer to him. “A'ight cool.” Hovering over my body he kissed my lips, sliding his tongue in my mouth. Pulling back he grabbed the oil pouring it on my stomach. I gasped feeling the oil trail down to my naval. His warm hands massaged over my stomach sliding up under wire of my bra. Our eyes held an intense stare and I bit down on my lip when his hands massaged my inner thigh. August hands massages lower down my legs before he reached my feet.

He took my right foot playing with the diamond ankle bracelet before his hands massaged my foot. I moaned softly at the feeling. By the time he reached the other one I felt myself falling asleep but that was until he stopped.

Opening my eyes he shook his head before leaning over me and kissing me. This kiss was sloppy his hands grabbing as much as he could of my ass, before rolling us over. Now on top, I placed my hands in his hair pulling at the soft curls as our tongues wrestled against each other. Trailing his index finger lower and lower I broke away from the kiss. “I’m not ready for sex August.” His fingers stayed where they were before he looked at me. “I kno’ we gon try sum’ else only if ya want.” Biting my lip I thought long and hard about it, before bending down and kissing his lips. “Don’t make me regret this Anthony.” “I won’t just relax baby, it’s about you tonight.” Smiling I kissed him passionately before I felt his long lanky fingers push my panties to the side before slipping a finger into me. Holding onto him, I buried my face in his neck yelling out his name.

He could’t help it. Everything she did today just about turned him on. Her laugh, her smile, her silliness, her conversation, her honesty, how vulnerable she was when she told him her deepest fear. The way she carried herself, how even with a ton of people watching them, she never took her eyes off him. It made him feel good to know the most beautiful woman in the world gave him all of her attention. He silently thanked her for being so open with him. To show his appreciation he wanted to please her body the only way he knew how to.

Brooklyn arched her back when his soft lips kissed down her body. Pressing his lips to her erect nipple through the red lace he rubbed the other one with his free hand. Brooklyn wasn’t sure how to react to the new found sensation all sensible thoughts left her mind the moment August hands touched her sensitive body parts.

Some might have thought she was a fool to even be in this position with a man she’d only known for a month, but to them it felt like eternity. The chemistry they shared was beautiful, making all wish they could find someone that could compliment them like they did. Brooklyn wasn’t big on second chances, but the more time she spent with August the more she realized he could be the one.

She needed to talk to her mother about this.

Her hands wrapped around his back gripping it with her claw like red studded nails. He looked up at her his eyes speaking volumes as his fingers roamed inside of her making sure she was wet enough before lowering his face further down.

Brooklyn wasn’t a dummy and she knew exactly what he was doing, with a smirk she lifted her leg pushing at his chest with her smooth pretty feet. “Wha’?” She giggled at his confused face before crawling to him. Silently she unbuckled the red Ferragamo belt along with the expensive Armani pants.

August watched in awe as the vixen got him out of his pants in one swift motion. The more time they spent together the more surprised he was of the woman before him. Down to nothing but the Calvin Klein boxers, he smirked seeing Brooklyn eyes grow wide.

She wasn’t ready for that yet.

Pushing her back on the bed by her shoulders. The sight in front of him was a masterpiece. God took his time creating this woman, every piece of her was perfect to him. His thumb hooked on either side of her lace thongs as he pulled them down.

He grew ten times more at the sight of her. Glistening and bare in the dim lighting he licked his lips before looking up at her. Pulling her down to him by her ankles he hovered over slipping his tongue in her mouth leaning her up. His arm reached around her back while his other hand held her waist. In one swift motion his talented fingers had the bra off and threw it across the room.

Releasing her now swollen lips from his, she trailed her hands across his bare chest looking up at him. Her long hair fell around her, making her look like something off an island. She teasingly traced the 'v’ line, before brushing across his noticeable hard-on.

Grunting, he snatched her hands off him picking her up. Silently watching him with curious lustful eyes as he held her higher, her thighs resting on his shoulders and her legs dangling down his back. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath and blew it out hearing her moan loudly. She smelt good to him, like Jasmine and fresh pineapples.

Pressing her ass into him he darted out his tongue, laying it flat against her swollen lips and licking her, curling the tip of his tongue. “Oh Aug.” Her moans and the way his name rolled off her tongue made him do it again. Brooklyn called out for him, her Caribbean accent that she learned to hide no longer wanted to be hidden slipped through her lips.

He walked them over to the wall, holding her against it as she looked at him through the mirror that was placed directly in front of them. Her cheeks were flushed and her mouth was stuck in a ‘o’ shape while he french kissed her pussy. “Mmm” she groaned out her hands leaving her breast to roam in his hair.

They stayed in the position for a while before August got tired of standing. Carefully walking them over to the bed placing a flustered Brook down and laid on his back. His lips and his cute little goatee was now dripping with her juices. It should have disgusted her but it did the complete opposite. “C’mere?” His breathing was choppy as he grabbed her by the hand.

Eagerly she crawled over to him, hovering over him her almond eyes filled with passion, lust, and something else. Kissing his lips she moaned tasting herself. August pulled away licking his lips. “Come sit right here” he spoke pointed to his face, with unsure eyes she threw one leg over him, before sitting on his chest closer to his neck.

This position was new to her and she was completely terrified of hurting him. Brooklyn wasn’t a twig she had meat on her bones and with August being so skinny she didn’t want to. Licking his lips August rested his hands against her thick hips giving her a reassuring smile. “Ya’ ain’t gon hurt me baby” “you sure?” She whispered tracing the ‘A’ on his adams apple.

“Yea,” With a nod she lifted herself over him before he pushed her down on his stiffen tongue. “August!” She was pretty sure the guests next door could hear but she didn’t care. Placing her hands on the headboard she began to rock her hips to his tongue, moaning as he shook his head side to side. August nibbled on her pulsing clit before reaching his hand up and grabbing hers intertwining their hands together.

Her moans and the way she called his name, motivated him to please her body more. He removed his hold from her ass placing his lanky fingers in between her. The new found sensation of his tongue and his fingers working in her cause her stomach to tighten.

The slurping sounds that escaped from his lips and the squishy sounds coming from her ‘lips’ added fuel to her boiling body. “An-thon-ahhh” she couldn’t get her words out as she released her sweet nectar squeezing onto his hand like it was her life source. Opening his mouth wider, he cleaned up everything. She tasted like sweet to him, and in that moment he knew his favorite flavor was Brooklyn.

Rolling off of him Brooklyn felt sleep consume her as she snuggled into the pillow falling into a deep sleep. With a slight chuckle August lifted her sleeping body up and placing her naked body under the covers. Sliding out of the bed, he walked around the room blowing the candles out and cutting the music off.

Getting back in bed, he got comfortable and chuckled sleepily when Brooklyn rolled over and laid on his chest, snuggling her body close to him. Sighing in content August closed his eyes letting sleep take over.

teamjordyc asked:

People are just jealous that she is with Tyga... Like its so funny how she posted the pic and gets so many compliments and then Tyga posts the same pic and it's nothing but hate.... That was so mean honestly... but mostly I like how he didn't delete it, he ignored all the negative comments!

I agree. People just… I don’t even know anymore. They do the most. People hate being talked about yet so quick to talk about someone else.