no one appreciates the Jonas brothers. #teamjoe (at South Park, Pennsylvania)

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Why the Flash + Supergirl should keep crossing over

  • Iris and James becoming a bff badass superhero-loving journalist dream team
  • Joe and J’onn hanging out together to brag/complain about their Very Stressful Children
  • Cisco and Winn geeking out and make heart eyes at Barry together
  • Harry and Cat literally just reacting to each other. Imagine the snark. Imagine how horrified the kids would be.
  • Caitlin and Alex bonding over being Mom Friend scientists. And then something would attack the lab and Alex could totally save Caitlin and carry to her safety bridal style. And then they kiss.
  • Barry and Kara continuing to give each other nothing but support and positivity and encouraging each other to grow and be the best they can be
  • Westallen/Karolsen double dates