Reasons why I’m anti-sleep (things I do instead of sleeping that are way better!)!

10. Play/learn guitar

9. Draw

8. Paint

7. Read

6. Exercise

5. Work

4. Write

3. Jam out

2. Introspective reflection

1. The internet

I love being alive so MUCH that it almost hurts to sleep and pass up a chance to act on a great idea or to hatch an idea at all! I know how important it is, though. Blah. :D Oh, well!

“Come on, write me a song… give me something to trust. Just promise you won’t let it be just the keys that you touch. Give me something to believe in; a breath from the breathing - so write it down, I don’t think that I’ll close my eyes. ‘Cause lately I’m not dreaming, so what’s the point in sleeping? It’s just that at night I’ve got no where to hide… so I’ll write you a lullaby.” ~Jack’s Mannequin

<3tj xoxo

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G 6-7h9-9–7-

B ————5h7

E —————-9\7–7\5–5\4–4-4-

“…a pretty face…someone…a miracle…you’re missing out…happening somewhere…in your bed… get through…alone….anyone…alone again…problem’s…more than the weekend…a little bit scared…float through… pull apart… ‘cause all my bright is too slight to hold back all my dark…” 

~Jesse Lacey/Brand New 'Jesus’ off The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me.


My favorite No Use song. :) 

Also, I wanted to ramble for a brief moment. When I was a teenager, I heard words like ‘grace’ and 'class’ thrown around and I don’t think I really understood what was meant by them until I became an adult. You see, people who have innate grace and/or class retain it even when they are at their worst.


1.elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action.

2.a pleasing or attractive quality or endowment.

It is one thing to associate additional words with 'Grace’ to define it, but quite another to see someone who possesses grace as an attribute to their personality in action. Often mistaken for charm (or sexiness), grace gives a woman (for example) the ability to captivate the attention of those in a room quietly. A graceful woman has no need to wear overly revealing clothing or to do ostentatious things to draw attention. She merely handles herself in such a way that draws others in. 

Grace is something that a person has or does not have, and it becomes readily apparent after a short amount of interaction. Graceful people can get away with being 'unrefined’ or 'cheeky’ because their grace provides an innate sense of decorum that would be absent if the person lacked grace. 

Grace is the attribute that many people have problems putting their proverbial finger on. It’s that 'something’ that some people have… regardless of style, physical characteristics, status, or station. Grace truly can carry one through on a bad hair day; those with grace never seem to look as though they could have a bad hair day. Graceful people make fast friends, regardless of gender, and can socially work an entire room with minimal effort. 

I bring this up because I have met many attractive people who positively lack grace. I am always reminded of the clip from Eastbound and Down where Kenny is taking his hooker/gf to thee BBQ at April’s and they are in the laundromat where she is getting dressed. He says, “Tracey, I love you, but you’ve got clothes like a f*cking dickhead.”

Those who lack inherent grace have to make up for it by dressing like dickheads, behaving like maenads in the presence of Pan, or engaging in other behavior that is quite obnoxious. Last night I went to a show, and I met quite a few people there. One woman said, “I wouldn’t be here if I weren’t f*cking the lead singer.” Well, kudos. Not here for the music then, eh? I understand if she was trying to lay claim to her perceived territory, but there are much more graceful ways to do such things. Then again, I could just have unrealistic expectations for human interaction… *thinks for a moment* Indeed, however, I refuse to lower them. 

xoxo tj OUT to Joe’s Valley.

HELP WANTED! Superheroes needed!

Looking for a superhero to be one half of a superhero duo:

“[4/27/2011 3:33:18 PM] Becky Cade: That’s ok Jeni. You are so smart and sweet and funny and clever. You are going to be a friggin awesome catch for just the right man, and DAMN- that is gonna be one awesome superhero duo!!! FOR REAL!”

Cyborgs MIGHT be acceptable based on previous experience and skill set. More information about requirements for this position will be posted soon!


Dear Mom:
Thank you for being my mommy. :) Thanks for putting up with my endless antics (the sound of music in walmart or whereever else.. and the dancing… and the mantis… and all the other crazy embarrassing things I do). Thanks for everything you do for me, and for being my friend. I know we aren’t always on the same page, but I sure love you. <3 xoxo jeni.