I don’t do on the spot interviews…Have your People call my People!!! 

Does your Dog live like a “Prince” Like the RoyalSpazz? If so, Send a pic of your Pampered Pooch to Prince will Post them on his Blog!

Out walking your Pampered Pooch and see the #TeamiLLz mobile…Take a pic post and send it to we will send you a Pampered Pooch Team iLLz Dog Tag…Join in on the fun while simply loving your Pooch and get Free #TeamiLLz ish!!! 

Your Dog and The #TeamiLLz Mobile must be in the Picture together…Not Photoshop’d! WE CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE!!!
Check out the TeamiLLz MD Foundation website!

The Medical Militia Healthcare team is not live today but we will be back next week with 2 hours of the show as we work to support awareness of how you can empower yourself as our foundation focuses on muscular dystrophy which “iLLz” lives with everyday. She will be back with her battery at full charge next week!

Check out the show with Dr.Z on in the Medical Militia archives!


Another good resource to charge your battery and take charge of your life as a caregiver!

Please listen to these 6 great rules to live by as a caregiver for anyone, not just caregivers for brain and spine injuries.

Mothers can live by these rules too!