Again thank you to everyone who follows me and who entered this you all have amazing blogs so it was hard to pick but  here are the winners…

  •  best fob blogs

alloftheginjointsinalltheworld​ / wentzcity / hijackedtheheart/ wtffob/ babypeterick​ / ravensriver/ americanbeautyamericanpsycho/ punkpeterick/ bigbootyhurley

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lordstump/ trick-ta-life/ americanstumpy / psycadelicstump / irresistiblepatrickstump​ / xstumpclubx / alphastump/ stumpied

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ryanisgospel / madasrybits / americanpete / pastelross/ urieokay / kinguriexross​ / uriesmile

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tylerjoyseph / kingwntz / formerheroines / mriero / peteyandpatso / bulletproofatbest / stumpied

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transboykobrakid / acestump/ tvventyonepilots/ acemikeyway / skeletonstwin/ little–rabbit/ formerheroines/ punkpeterick/ mriero / peteyandpatso/ americanbeautyamericanpsycho / notbadhurley

a late follow-forever

i don’t have a fancy banner because this is thought of last minute, but i still wanted to do this because everyone that i’ve met this year is absolutely amazing. i came into the bandom wide eyed and a baby, and everyone was so amazingly welcome and kind and i was accepted into so, so many nets and i’ve made so, SO many friends this past year and i just want to make a post including everyone. so here we go.

special mentions:
@ray-toro-ofsunshine: gee. you’re literally one of the best people i have ever met. every time i make a post like this, i simply can’t find the words to describe you. i wanna thank you so much for being my friend, and for listening all the times i cry about pointless stuff lmao. you’re rad
@the-shipped-stump-standard: hailey. you’re my best friend. we met thru tumblr and honestly you’re. we’re so alike in so many ways it’s crazy. ily emo ham, let’s keep fighting crime together (ofc, with chicken nugget breaks)
@rcvnge: bre. you’re super cool and nice and have a quality blog and idek you’re just cool af

(i was gonna do “favs are bolded” but literally everyone would have been bolded)


@actualsatanbrendonurie, @alternativemusicrocks, @alwaysfob, @americanschoolsystem, @angelofsuburbia, @armasangelus, @brosephbrohman, @cobrastarshipofficial, @cupcakelookinass, @dont-trip-on-that-patrick-stump, @drbenzememe, @dunoriginal@falloutpetey, @fcver, @fernandez-not-p, @feversmith, @fightingphan, @folieabachelor, @folieadcux, @frnkfucker69, @frankirareo


@gerardwtf, @ghostingkilljoys, @graveyard-iero, @grungeclaudia, @heya789, @heyyoungbleed, @hnrley, @hoteyelinerguy, @igotadarkalley, @im-a-fangirl-bitch, @infinityonfalloutboy, @jet-pack-shoes, @joshurouttatheband, @kiddur, @llord-nakcorevas, @lovesick-zombie, @mad-queen-liv, @mcrsfuneral, @mikey-nolikey, @mikeywayfucker69, @mikeywayhateblog, @neonwentz, @nrlywitches, @officialdestroya, @omegalow, @overcast-punk


@panicdiscoes, @pastelfrnkie, @patrickadeux, @patrick-hump, @paxamdun, @paytrickstump, @peterlewiswingstonkentz, @pretty-in-pete, @pretty0ddurie, @radwentz, @ray-toro-ofsunshine, @rcvnge, @sinfinityonhigh, @spacekid-ty, @sparklytoro, @starbucksgoth, @stakethistoyourgrave, @stvmq@stxmachache, @summersogno


@teamhurley, @theacadmyis, @theblackparaid, @thegeniusfangirl, @theovercast-girl, @thepianodoesntknowshit, @the-perks-of-being-a-youngblood, @theshippedbronzestandard, @the-shipped-stump-standard@theshippedtrickstandard, @thnks-jason, @transboykobrakid, @tyllerdun, @urielybeautiful, @wentz, @wentz69, @wilsonskirsch, @y-oungvolcano

wow thats a lot, but if somehow you don’t see your url up there and you feel like it should have been, i’m really sorry. i’m tired and there’s about a million blogs up here and goodness it was just a lot to manage trying to put them all in alphabetical order and trust me i’m sure i love you just the same (if you feel this way you can message me and i’ll happily add you, i’ve most likely forgotten some)