Lunchtime power-walk 2 days in a row! I cannot believe how much I sweat! ICKKK!! Am I in NYC or on the equator?

Sporting my new Under Armour tank, which is perfect for a scorching hot day like today because it’s SO light (even a teensy bit transparent which makes it fun to where cute sports bras under) and loose! Yet, I still somehow managed to sweat all over it :P

If you want to join #TeamHungryRunner, click the link to check out the details for the #WhatsBeautiful campaign that I’m working on with @fitfluential and @uawomen on my blog! Our team is working together to be healthier and fitter everyday. We’re motivating each other and accomplishing weekly team goals together! At the end, I’m going to feature the most motivating member’s story on my site. Come get healthy and fit with us!


Here we go! Week 6 of the What’s Beautiful challenge that I’m working on with FitFluential and Under Armour Women. My challenge to all you #TeamHungryRunner members this week is to complete any one of my workouts that I’ve created. Search the #teamhungryrunner hashtag on Instagram and Tumblr for ideas (I’ve posted plenty there), or go to and click the workouts tab in the navigation bar for tons more ideas make sure to share your #PROOF after you finish by sharing a pic and tagging it with #teamhungryrunner and #whatsbeautiful! Bonus points for anyone who does more than one!


What’s Beautiful: Week 5 team goal! This week we’re going to plan out and write down all of our workouts and treat them like important meetings that we cannot miss. Get out your planners and calendars and schedule in your activities for each day. I’ll share my plan for the week so you’ll have an example to go by if you need help.

I make a habit of penciling my workouts into my planner at the beginning of each week. It helps keep me on track and also helps me stay motivated!

P.S. There’s still time to join in on the #WhatsBeautiful campaign that I’m working on with FitFluential and Under Armour. Click here for more details.