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Okay, "guardians of the galaxy" alien that feels strong emotions. She feels the love between Keith and Lance but on top of that is Lance's self-doubt/angst/depression... ans she starts screaming and screeching to 'Get him out, it hurts!!!' Enter teamhug and Klance feelings.

Oh, I love that movie!! This is a cool concept! Thank you for suggesting it! Hope you enjoy!! 🖤
The team were at a planet, trying to form an alliance with the alien race that inhabited it. They were intimidating; Allura had told them that they were able to read their inner emotions. “That way, they will discover our true intentions! If they sense that we are trying to trick them, they will be know! So, don’t worry Paladins! Just be on your best behavior!” Allura had said. Lance and Keith were getting ready in Keith’s room, which was slowly becoming their room. Lance clothes were in the closet and on the floor, and his facial products were slowly appearing in Keith’s bathroom. Keith was in said bathroom, smoothing out his Paladin suit when Lance came behind and wrapped him arm him, letting his chin rest on his shoulder. “Are you ready to meet them? They sound kinda freaky and scary.” Keith chuckled at him, turning around so they were face to face. “Eh, there’s nothing to worry about when you think about it. They’ll be able to tell if we try to pull something over them. So all we have to do is pretty much be ourselves, and they’ll be able to tell that we mean no harm, and form this alliance.” Lance purses his lips and pressed to Keith’s forehead. “Yeah, you’re right. Shockingly. Hey, I’m kidding! But they still creep me out.” Keith rolled his eyes at him, grin spreading across his face. “Paladins! Report to the dining room! We have arrived!” Lance laced his fingers through Keith’s, pressing his hand against his lips. “Let’s go form this alliance!”
Everything was going smoothly. Allura and Shiro had met with the leader (“Take me to your leader!” “Oh my word, shut up Lance.”) and the alliance was almost set in stone. Then, four aliens stepped out of the room, followed by their leader. “Paladins, I have spoken with Allura, and I am pleased with what I have seen so far. But before we as you earthlings say, seal the deal, we would like to read the emotions of you all. Just so their isn’t any doubt when we form this alliance.” They all nodded and Lance cracked a nervous grin. “Is this gonna hurt?” The aliens chuckled. “No, Blue Paladin. The procedure should be painless.” They were wrong. When the aliens read Pidge’s and Hunk’s emotions, everything went smoothly. And when the stepped up the Keith, they questioned about his Galra heritage and anger, but quickly moved on to Lance. The alien stepped in front of Lance, who was growing exceedingly nervous. The alien gently whispered to him. “Are you ready, Blue Paladin?” Lance gave a short nod, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. He held his breath as a tickle formed in the back of his head. The alien giggled. “There is quite a lot of emotion about the Red Paladin. Love, passion, happiness..” Keith blushed as the team and others chuckled. “There’s also quite a lot of emotions that the Blue Paladin fills about himself..” Lance clenched his hands and grit his teeth. They couldn’t sense those emotions, could they? In response, the alien began to scream. Bloodcurdling shrieks left their threat as they sunk to the ground, tears streaming down their face. The aliens rushed forward. “What is wrong, speak to us!” The alien presses her hands over her ears. “Get him out, GET HIM OUT!! IT HURTS!!” With a snap, the alien was out of Lance head. Lance stumbled backwards and Keith caught him. “Lance, what the quiznak happened?!” Lance shook his head as the tears began to fall down his flushed cheeks. The alien had finally stopped screaming, but they were still crouched to the ground, slightly shaking. “All those negative thoughts, all at once, too much too much.” The team looked at her in surprise. “If you don’t mind us asking, what negative thought?” Allura inquired. The alien looked up at her, tears still falling. “The Blue Paladin feels so much love for the Red Paladin and his other teammates, but the hate he has for himself is too overwhelming. He doubts himself, believes that he’ll never be good enough to his team or partner, that they deserve better. The dark and negative thoughts he associates with himself is painful. I don’t understand how the Blue Paladin is able to live with this pain everyday. It too much too much.” The team turned to Lance, who had become stiff in Keith’s arms. Keith raised a hand to Lance’s cheek, brushing away the tears that continued to fall. “ all of that true?” Lance bit the inside of his cheek, letting the tears fall faster as he tried to hide his face. Keith heart shattered. “Oh Lance…” He drew him in a tight hug, just holding him and running his hands through his hair, gently murmuring to Lance as he cried. The other aliens stepped over. “My dear Blue Paladin, I believe with have something that will help your doubts. When going through the emotions of your other teammates, they held nothing but high praise for you. They admire you and truly care about you. Especially the Red Paladin. I would go so far as to say that there is no better partner for him in the entire galaxy. I’m positive that your team will affirm what I’ve just stated. Allura, whenever you’re ready, I would like to discuss the alliance in further detail.” With that, the aliens walked away. Hunk rushed forward, wrapping his arms around Lance and Keith. “Lance, you’re my best friend. Nobody doubts your place on the team. You deserved this position and Keith is absolutely nuts about you, just as much as you are nuts about you.” The others joined in on their hug, sending their love and support to their Blue Paladin. Lance’s tears began to slow and his breathing evened out. He gave a wet chuckle and wiped his nose on his sleeve. “Thank you guys. It’s all in my head; I can be really hard on myself sometimes.” Shiro smiled softly at him and placed a hand on his shoulder. “We can talk more about it when we get to castle, yeah?” Lance nodded and wiped his nose a final time. “Let’s go form this alliance, shall we?!” The team chuckled and rolled their eyes, making their way toward the aliens. As they were walking, Keith grabbed his hand pulled him back. Lance arched his eyebrow. “Is everything alright?” Keith gave him a serious look, squeezing his hand. “You know I love you, right? And nothing could ever change that.” Lance eyes filled with fondness and and returning the gentle squeeze. “I love you too, Mullet. Always.”

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The DJD for the highschool AU c: ?


Terrifying music teacher

He also leads the school choir group

And holds very tough auditions

Used to be a weeny, bullied student at the school but no one knows it’s him because he looks so different.

May take out his anger on his old high school life on some of the students

Idolizes Megatron and sometimes lingers outside his classroom to listen to him teach

Tries to get his students to love Phantom of the Opera and other musicals.

Seems very calm but if you suddenly do something wrong he explodes

A bit creepy and will sometimes watch students from his window as they leave the school grounds

(his classroom is right next to the fields, which is where some students cut through)

Sideswipe gives him the finger frequently through the window

Has very strict rules in his classroom

Despises Grimlock, a senior footballer

And picks on Black Shadow in class a lot

Always early for his classes and sits at his desk waiting for each student

It’s particularly menacing if you’re early as well and he lets you in and you have to sit there while he stares at you

Has favorited some students who he thinks have significant talents

(Vos, Kaon)

Tries to always catch Megatron before school starts to talk to him

Megatron use to indulge him but now he literally sneaks around the school trying to avoid Tarn


A senior

In Tarn’s class

Blind and will whack you on purpose with his white cane

Sometimes he just stares in your direction like he’s looking at you and it’s eerie as fuck

Probably Tarn’s favorite student

Has electrocuted himself in class before

He’s not allowed to sit near electrical outlets now

Usually it’s Vos who helps him around the school grounds

Still comes to school football games so he can hear Tesarus clobber people

Because usually his clobbering ends up with someone from the opposition crying

Has memorized his time table

Doesn’t know that Tesarus has highlighted all his books in pink

Hates the school cafeteria because it’s so LOUD


An exchange student living with Kaon

Barely speaks any English

Doesn’t really listen in class

Has a bad habit of trying to touch people’s faces without permission

Lurks around a lot 

Also a senior

Dislikes gym, but he has hella good aim when they play dodgeball

Wears all black

Everyone thinks he's emo

There is an odd smell coming from his locker that no one comments on

Throws pencils at the ceiling in class

Kaon tries to teach him English during lunch and at home but Vos doesn’t really care for the language

Eats his lunch with his hands

Just no cutlery


Also a senior

On the football team

Huge, hungry teenager

Watch out he will steal your lunch tray if you’re not looking

Shoves people out the way in the hall

His locker is mostly empty because he has lost most of his books

And just forgets to bring his other school stuff from home

Gets bored in class easily

Doesn’t do homework

Once purposely blended something in home ec without the lid on 

It went over everything

Sometimes picks fights with other students when he’s bored

Or takes naps in class


Home economics teacher

Frequently chops up vegetables with way too much force

Has a really bad tattoo on his face that everyone stares at but doesn’t comment on

Everyone is too scared to

Coaches the football team too

Trains them so hard

Everyone is miserable on that team

And extremely sore by the end of one training session

Makes students do like ten laps if he wants to see them suffer just for fun

Probably is a home ec teacher just for the food

Usually just puts on a video for the students to watch when he teaches

His hair covers up his eyes and usually it’s hard to see that yes he is glaring at you because you won’t stop talking to your friend

Overlord sometimes comes in to steal leftover pancakes

Which irritates Helex 


One of the school nurses

Takes her job extremely seriously

If you come in with a cut she’ll lecture you for hours

Then slap a hello kitty band aid on ya and send you on your way

Will smack any complainers

Lectures about good diets to students

Is usually hovering around with an ice pack or something

Kaon is her favorite visitor

Gives him ice cubes to munch on

Even if kids are sick they usually avoid going to her because they don’t want a lecture

And twenty other check-ups

always has cartoon band-aids on her

Worries if she sees that some students are too skinny

As does Rung

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