Name: Kurstine Ruiz Twitter: @itskayyzee Instagram: ___kayz (3 underscores) Tumblr: Location: San Antonio, TX The future fields i wish to enter in my future are photography, modeling and advertising. My name is Kurstine, i am 21 yrs old. I am a very energetic, fun, loving person who loves to meet new ppl and help anyone with what i can to make sure they are happy. If I’m happy then i think anyone and everyone should be just as happy as i am and i will do my very best to help them feel the same. I believe in the saying “treat others how you want to be treated”, its what i live by and believe it has brought nothing but positive energy and people into my life. 

Team Halo Angel Aliesha Epps

Twitter: @Lovely_Liesha   Instagram: @moanaliesha   Location: Atlanta, GA   Desired Occupation: Modeling or Creative Writing  

I’m what adults like to call “a free thinker and spirit.“ I don’t hold back. If I want to do something, then I do it. I don’t overthink things, nor do I second guess myself. I just go with the flow. Sometimes that flow gets a little crazy, but I fully believe that you should always do the things that make you happy regardless of what everyone else may think about it. I mean it is YOUR life right?

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These girls are a lot more than pretty faces. When we do our shoutouts, check out our girls, and learn about what they want to do and who they want to be! Our girls have their own clothing lines, they sing, they write poetry, they volunteer at animal shelters, and so much more that I cannot even name. @KeyAirAngels is not about pretty faces. It’s about inspiring people. Much love. #KAForever #TeamHaloAngels #KeyAirAngelsModels #OfficialGuardianAngels! ❤️

Ashlee A.K.A LeeLee Armoni Twitter & Instagram : @DamnThatsLeeLee
Age: 19
Birthday: October 6th:)
I Reside In Sacramento California One day I wanna become a Model and a Fashion Journalist ♥

I am a young girl with BIG DREAMS! I’m goofy, outgoing, wild, funny,smart and SO MUCH MORE. I just want to live life to fullest while I can because like Drake said, “Everybody Dies But Not Everybody Lives!” I joined #TeamHalo because I wanted to live for something. I’m so much more than a pretty face is something I’ve been trying to explain and  KeyAir Angels is what helped me do it. I appreciate what Keyair and the rest of the #KeyAirAngels team is doing! It gives our generation so much hope… So much more than what everyone says we have!


Name: Luanna DeJesus

Twitter Name: luanna_xo

Instagram name: _luanna

Tumblr name: N/A

Desires Field: Marketing/ Modeling


My ambition never lets me give up. I prosper in anything I do, for the sole reason that I refuse to give up. I believe people can do incredible things if they’d just try…Anything is possible! I am currently a junior in High School, and I hope to attend a fashion college in NYC or California. I am also a freelance model who has worked on several projects.



Name: Elbony Kelsey
Twitter Name: @elbonyxdenaya
Instagram name: @elbonyxdenaya
Tumblr name:
Age: 22
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Desired Occupation: Modeling, writing/blogging/vlogging and

I’m a very confident and passionate person. I can be loud and crazy but
serious at the same time. I love being outside. I love people,
meeting new people, and helping others. The most significant thing
about me is that I’m nice to everyone; sometimes too much, but I
believe in first-impression. I’m easy going.



Name Bria Willingham

Age 19
IG brianycole_
Location Atlanta, Georgia 
Twitter thedalilame 
Free Lance Model and stylist 

I’m an outgoing woman, I get a long with everyone how ever I don’t tolerate disrespect. My goal in life is to not only be a successful petite model but I want to build a brand. While building that brand influence other young women that they too can be beautiful and powerful. It is possible. And I am always available for a young woman or girl who needs help with anything. That’s why I joined KeyAir Angels in the first place. 

And I’m supporting the #PlainBeautyCampaign in my very last photo!

Love you ladies! <3


Name: Staycey NCR

 Twitter name: @snicvle

 Instagram name: snicvle

 Tumblr name:

 Age: 18

 Location: Curaçao (Caribbean)

Desired Occupation: Psychology

 My real name is Staycey, but I prefer Nicole. I’m a very open-minded person, and I absolutely adore little children. I’m a very happy and jolly but also quiet. Taking pictures is always been something that I love. My family means the world to me. I don’t have a lot of friends but that’s okay because I like tranquility. KeyAir Angels has so many beautiful ladies in it, inside and out. I love all of the angels and I hope we can grow stronger together.


Name: Nicolette Soto

 IG: NicoletteOfficial

 Twitter: Nikaletofficial

Desired Occupation: Make Up Artist

I love being in front of the camera, and I’d love to become a well-known successful makeup artist/model. I have my certificate as a lifeguard & I love to eat all types of food and dance when I hear a beat of music. I am such a friendly outspoken person who loves to love.