teamgayngels said: I know me too, it just feels so in-personal to me so I always try to put names with urls. Speaking of… I don’t know yours lol

Well, to me it feels a lot like when I worked at Girl Scout camp and all the adults used “camp names” and these were like our legitimate names while we were there, and since we chose them for ourselves it’s kinda like using urls?

So I don’t really care either way, but I try to respect the wishes of others.

Ahah I don’t ever use my given name coz I’m not very fond of it. I don’t mind at all going by ravenpaw. Quite a few of my friends actually still use my camp name though, and that’s Rumor if you want to use it. it'sfromumbrellaacademyidk I haven’t ever really come up with anything better to use lol.

Wait are you the same person as gravesmarket??

In this video, I answer the questions below (in order) per request of a lovely anon. Enjoy!

Also, Heather is featured. ;)

  • 1 - Height?
  • 2 - Virgin?
  • 3 - Sexual Orientation?
  • 4 - Last time you kissed someone?
  • 5 - Smoke?
  • 6 - Do drugs?
  • 7 - Drink alcohol?
  • 8 - Turn ons?
  • 9 - Turn offs?
  • 10 - Insecurities?
  • 12 - Perfect date?
  • 13 - Perfect boyfriend/girlfriend?
  • 14 - Favorite film?
  • 15 - Favorite song?
  • 16 - Favorite color?
  • 19 - Have tattoos/piercings?
  • 20 - Where I would like to live
  • Favorite anime?
  • Favorite band?
  • Favorite author?

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gravesmarket replied to your post: the-transcendent replied to your post: shilo…

Meanwhile Graves is looking for that fucking box high and low… I know I put her somewhere.. goddamn it.

graves no why did you let her get in the box

the-transcendent replied to your post: the-transcendent replied to your post: krait…

Yay Shilo box. I’ll dress her up and send you photos sometimes.

thank you you are a bro

teamgayngels replied to your post: “yes sir i would like an alexa vega to go please”…

*Aggressively * squeezes and bends ASH into a boxy just for Leb….

thanks you are good people

krait replied to your post: “yes sir i would like an alexa vega to go please”…

I’m so ordering myself an Anthony Head


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The Devil’s Opera: A Genetic Carnival in Eight Acts

Just a reminder; this is a fic that was requested of me, which made me feel overwhelmed  If you are dissatisfied with what you see here, I would recommend you join the Genetic Carnival group. It is unattached to the fic (but for the crossover idea). As the requester knows me personally, the purpose of the fic was to have me write it for her. I just couldn’t handle so many characters at once! If you want this fic or your part in this fic published, please see me privately fr details. :)

The Devil’s Opera: A Genetic Carnival in Eight Acts

Act One: Infected Toads and Diseases of the Heart++
Starring Miss Shilo Wallace & The Scorpion
nightsturgeon: Shilo
vanitandvein: Scorpion

Act Two: Glowing Magic Tricks**
Starring Miss Carmella Largo & The Magician
lost-soul-and-broken-cameo: Amber
vanityandvein: Magician

Act Three: Fuck Off, Stranger!**
Starring Mister Luigi Largo & The Twin
teamgayngels: Twin
vanityandvein: Luigi

Act Four: Two Hearts Scorned++
Starring Mister Paviche Largo & The Painted Doll
wicked-maiden-of-woe: Pavi
vanityandvein: Painted Doll

{Acts Five and Six to be a surprise!}

Act SevenThe Gutter’s Interlude**
Starring the elusive Grave Robber & The Tamer
teamgayngels: Grave Robber
vanityandvein: Tamer

Act Eight: Devilish Predicament++
Starring Miss Magdalene DeFoe & Lucifer
gravesmarket: Lucifer
vanityandvein: Blind Mag

**I would appreciate the time to privately discuss possible alternatives with you.

++The plot has been plotted betwixt myself and the original requester of the work; I would like to run it by you and discuss things at that time.

Please, everyone, contact me when time allows! Please also know that this is list is only for the fiction; the RPG is a separate beast.

teamgayngels replied to your postthe-transcendent replied to…

Oh, don’t be mean to him… hug the man

What the hell man

Being a prick is my whole thing in our little clusterfuck up in this bitch

Without raging animosity coupled with a mildly enchanting way with words I’m just another virgin loser on a shitty hand me down comp playing with her own tits but not in a sexy way in kind of a retarded listless way.

So Heather asked me some questions, and I answered them.
She asked me:
- Why did you decide to get the dresses?

- Why are you so sexy?

- Will you have sex with me?

- Can I have your hair?

- Do you wear contacts?

- Do you believe in aliens/ghosts?

- Chocolate or vanilla?

- Would you date a guy who is bi?

- Why won’t you date me?

graverobberlucifer asked:

1, 2, 3, 4, 13, 25

01: Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is. 

At the moment I’ve got about three faggots stacked up that I agreed to date, never formally broke off and just stopped paying attention to so whatever. I’m kind of in love with this bitch that lives up in Washington. On the side I’ve got pretty considerable boners for a couple of my friends, one’s a cute chick living a few cities away from me, one’s a cool guy who might be in jail or traveling the country or something cuz he stopped talking to me. Single life’s normal man I don’t put up with shit I don’t gotta and masturbate with a hairbrush a lot.

02: Where you’d like to be in 10 years.

I can’t choose between oreos and fucking nutterbutters okay that’s not a question to ask me.

I dunno man.

Hopefully making good money and with the peace in my heart of finally telling my father that I love him and would be nothing without him but that he’s a delusional megalomaniac who needs to stop manipulating his family. Also some memory of touching Amanda Palmer’s hair maybe. Still a virgin if I’m lucky so if I decide to off myself I can summon Satan.

03: Your views on drugs and alcohol.

“Crack is whack, and ugg to drugs. Except for weed.” - Silas Botwin

04: Your views on religion.

I don’t fucking care much for organized religion, for a variety of reasons. I do think that at some point an energy that possessed consciousness became matter and organic life as we know it, but I’m averse to the idea of starting crusades or trottin’ door to door bothering hapless suburbanites in said energy’s honor. If your religion makes you feel better about your morality, or your course through life, or your physical impermanence, or the fact that in the end us jolly little humans are nothing more than incomprehensibly tiny, inconsequential bits of matter and consciousness dicking around aimlessly in this impossibly vast, clusterfucky circus of bullshit that is reality as we know it, then more power to ya, just don’t fuck up anyone else’s day, or your fucking children’s minds in your faith’s name. 

13: Somewhere you’d like to move or visit.

Jimmy Urine’s asshole.

25: Someone who fascinates you and why.

My mother cuz the bitch is crazy and her potato and cheese stew kicks my ass.

teamgayngels replied to your post: gravesmarket replied to your post:…

OMG Graves!!! I KNEW you were some kind of sick freak…

he is kinda weird man

gravesmarket replied to your post: gravesmarket replied to your post:…

We were… uh.. playing…. a game, it’s complicated.. It was supposed to be a tomb.. sort of… goddamn it I KNEW this was a bad idea…

was it some sort of kinky necrophilia roleplay

what the hell man

gravesmarket replied to your post: crisontumblr replied to your post: gravesmarket…

Well you can have my stash of Nathans how’s that ?

i knew you were an ok dude

Tagging game thing that I was tagged in

I was tagged by: teamgayngels and it’s been sitting in my drafts forever. I  was also tagged by thecontinuationof but I couldn’t find it ;{


Rule 1: always post the rules.

Rule 2: answer the questions the person who tagged you has written and write 11 new ones.

Rule 3: tag 11 new people and link them to your post.

Rule 4: let them know you’ve tagged them.

  1. How old are you? - 28
  2. If you could change one thing in your life what would it be and why?
  3. Have you ever left your country? - Duh yes as I’m English and am now in Australia, but I have many times.
  4. Gay marriage? Yay or nay? Yes of course, but I don’t think I’ll be needing it personally.
  5. Have you ever done any drugs? - Yes, nothing considered hard drugs, and nothing injected for sure. I have tried some hallucinogens, including the wild variety, but I don’t really touch anything now.
  6. If money and time were not issues, is there anybody on-line you’d try to meet? Sure but it’s not a desperate issue for me, I tend to accept the situation is as it is. I’m just happy to know them anyway.
  7. Preference: Winter or summer? Hmm I do love summer.. funnily especially a good English summer as it’s still very lush and green, whereas here can be a bit hellish. BUT Winter in a really snowy place is good too. English winters are just grey and depressing and Aussie ones aren’t really that wintry.
  8. Do you want kids? If not, what would you do if you found out you or your partner was pregnant? I don’t at present have a partner and I’m not terribly keen on the idea of kids to be honest, but if someone I was with fell pregnant I guess if I was serious about them I’d try and do my best to be supportive about it.
  9. Do you have any tattoos or piercings? Do you want any? I don’t have any tattoos and I do like the idea… except settling on a design would be near impossible.. I know I’d change my mind after a while.. and then.. too late. Piercings - I have both ears and my nose pierced. I did really fancy getting my nipples done but having read up a lot about it, I am a bit of a wuss about actually doing it.
  10. What is the most important thing in choosing a partner?  Emotional honesty.
  11. How much do looks matter? Looks do inevitably come into it as generally that’s our first contact - we are either attracted visually or not, but then, if there is nothing more than looks, interest wanes very fast for me. Also I have a fairly wide definition of what I find attractive.
MY QUESTIONS : 1- Any particular fears or phobias? 2- Where do you see yourself in 2056 ? 3- Would you ever have surgery…surgery..? 4- Drug of choice [ doesn’t have to be an actual narcotic just something you are  addicted to ] 5- Favourite sin ?  6- How do you take your coffee? 7- Is silence golden or do you prefer a screamer ? [ Graaaaaaves ] 8- Have you ever stolen anything ? [ not faces I hope ] 9- Team Heaven or Team Hell and why ? 10- Costume party - what would you wear to the Opera tonight ? 11- If you were a Carnie what would your act be ?