I think the big thanks should go to you overall. I should be working right now but instead i’m typing this. I honestly owe you the biggest favor of all time. You made me a newer person , I literally owe you, a big one. Because you changed the way I think. The way I thought. Everything you stated in that post you wrote out affected me in some way. I don’t know why, but it just did. From your personal life to explaining how everybody had that poster of the car above their bed. LOL. Again, going on with the dreams people have and how they want to adjust it, but instead they should go and work harder for what they’ve dreamt of. Honestly, you’re the biggest inspirations I’ve even meet, because what you say is the truth. I know what you wrote came from what you really felt, it was truly written from your heart. I think this is a better you of what I have visioned. Helping others while you help yourself. I never knew all this information about you and I think that ALL of tumblr, not even tumblr, EVERYBODY should appreciate you. I think everybody should just take a moment to read what you posted, it’s not a waste of time and it’ll clear things up a bit about how life works. There shouldn't be a reason why no one would like you. You my friend, are a true inspiration.

-Your True friend.