Today’s Workout: Hip Dips using a Wall


Find a Space and Wall.
Lower hips to floor
Place arms to the side
Do a crunch
TARGETS : Abs, Butt, Hamstrings
2X 15 For Beginners
3X15 for Advanced
Song By : Trey Songz - Slow Motion
“Exercise not only changes your body but it changes your mind, body, attitude and mood.” Get Busy you Got this! #GetFitwithNic #Getfitwithnic_ #icanyoucanwecan #QueenOfTheOutdoorWorkouts #Body #TeamFitness #PersonalTrainer #WallWorkout

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Just Wrapped up a Shoot with @missodessa on the Track. Decided to get a little bit of Jump Roping in while I was at it. Jump Roping is a Full Body Workout I Love it.
You can purchase a quality jump rope for $5 or less.
5X30 Secs for Beginners
10X30 Secs for an Advanced Workout
GRAB YOUR ROPE! Move your Body! 💪🏽 #getfitwithnic_ #getfitwithnic #Icanyoucanwecan #teamfitness #fitmom #legs #core #arms #QueenOfTheOutdoorWorkouts

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Part 1 Front Squats with Resistance Bands
Tone Up Your Glutes (Butt) and Quads with this pretty cool workout. Gym Membership for what!! You can purchase bands at any sporting goods store. ANYONE CAN do this workout. 3X15 For Beginners 4X15 for a More advanced workout. Holding and pulling the bands to chest can also workout shoulders and arms💪. #Icanyoucanwecan #getfitwithnic #getgitwithnic_ #Teamfitness #QueenOfTheOutdoorWorkouts

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