Female Tommy Oliver headcannons

  • Parents are dead
  • Lives with older sibling
  • Hot mess/ party animal and owns it
  • Creates rivalry between her and Kim but it’s really just sexual tension
  • Low-key flirts with Kim
  • Claims to be straight but is actually bi curious
  • Jokes about Trini being jealous of her and Kim
  • Hates using Rita Repulsa’s name and refers to her as ‘the green bitch’
  • Helps Zack out with his mom
  • Talks to Billy about their dead parents
  • Knows MMA
  • Wants to join the football team and asks for Jason’s help
  • Becomes the first girl in the football team

Feel free to add more if you want

Christmas With Spencer

I got an anonymous request for Christmas with Spencer headcanons, which I accidentally deleted. 

So here you go, anon! 

Christmas with Spencer would include: 

  • Spencer spending an inordinate amount of time deciding what to get you
  • Eventually consulting Emily, JJ, and Garcia for help
  • Spencer spouting facts almost constantly about all things Christmas
  • His sweet tooth coming out when the two of you start making Christmas treats
  • Carols
  • Spencer hesitating whenever you see mistletoe
  • Sweet kisses that taste like Christmas cookies
  • Learning the origins of every Christmas tradition you partake in
  • Spencer methodically choosing your Christmas tree so that it fits perfectly where you want to put it
  • Spencer coming home from a case to find that you’ve decorated your place
  • Him being slightly disappointed until he realizes you left the tree for the two of you to do together 
  • Begging him to read you A Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve
  • Him agreeing willingly
  • Drinking hot chocolate together
  • Waking him up on Christmas morning
  • His sleepy hair and messy pajamas stumbling into the living room
  • Watching his eyes light up when he sees what you got him
  • The most thoughtful gifts ever
  • Eating French toast for breakfast after opening presents
  • Spending the morning/afternoon laying around the house together
  • Going to Rossi’s in the evening to celebrate with the whole team
  • Feeling like part of a big, beautiful family
Hopes for YJ season 3
  • A small timeskip this time like maybe a year or whenever to when they release YJ season 3 so small stuff happens like Batgirl becoming Oracle
  • Jason Todd and the Outlaws
  • Supergirl’s pod showing up and her thinking Superboy is Kal and all the angst
  • Cass or Seph as new Batgirl
  • Boyfriend for Kal’dur
  • Or Bluepulse
  • Or both both is good
  • For Nightwing to have friend on his sole act like maybe Cyborg 
  • Rachel Roth/Raven 
  • Before Wally comes back I want him to do the thing where he phases in and out of existence and gives cryptic messages and the new team is like what the fuck
  • Maybe some new members in the Justice League
  • Closure for Zatanna and Dr. Fate like maybe they already have but I really want to see it
  • Daiman Wayne and him making everything 1000 times more diffcult for the team

Feel free to add