AMAZING Tribute for Elissa! Best Tribute I ever seen! 

I’ve never hated a player as much as I hate Amanda. She’s such a despicable player. The fact that Elissa is able to keep her cool is amazing and her responses are actually funny and don’t cross the line. If I was in her place I’d punch Amanda and get myself thrown out of the game. I actually really love GM now. She’s super ditzy and I feel like she’s like a kid who doesn’t realize what she’s doing wrong even tho that doesn’t excuse some of the things she’s said. I’m also really liking Judd :) I also am starting to not hate Aaryn anymore


Dear god,

I pray to you every night, mostly asking you to keep my family safe, keep me in good health, etc. But today I am coming to you for quite a selfish reason, and I understand that you have more important things to do… BUT… if you could find time in your busy schedule to make sure that Elissa wins the veto in today’s competition I would be EXTREMELY grateful and appreciative…. But like I said, I know you are busy so If you don’t have time.. I understand. 


A Crazed big brother fan who is tired of the racists and A-holes winning competitions…. 

I am SOO done with Amanda and MCcare. I mean they fucking power in the hosue has went to their fucking Head. if Amanda doesn’t get what she wants she goes & Motor boat her fucking mouth to MCcrae. & I’m Convinced MC is a pussy. becasue he just sits there. Amanda doesnt let him say shit. & THE FACT THAT HOWARD IS TRYING TO GO AGAINST ELISSA MAKES ME EVEN MADDER. HIS FAKE CHRISTAN ASS NEEDS TO GO.. I MEAN DUDE TALKING SHIT ABOUT HER & SHE SAVED HIS ASS LAST WEEK. HIS FLOATER MCBOATY ASS NEEDS TO BE EVICTED.

-My Thoughts. Gn #TeamElissa #TeamJudd #TeamCandice