(don’t mind my 2 second windows paint edit) I can’t believe I have 400 followers!! I know it’s not a lot but it’s a big deal for me and I wanted to say thank you!! I also wanted to make a list of my favorite people to follow on here!!


adore-abubble adore-delamo adore-delaska adore-willamcourtney-alaska-fame adoredelano666 adorelasky alaska-liaison alaska-thunderfuckme alaskapleasethunderfuckme alaskathunderfuck alaskathunderfuck5000 alyssas-backrolls anxietyanddrag artflop-my-ass awhoredelano barbie-squad beat-it-queen beautyispainandiamtheprettiest becauseiamwhatsickening bianca-delano-babysatan biancadelrioismyuncle biancaseyelashes biblegirlseyebrows brianmccook bring-back-my-ru-girls completelybiased cortneyact courteneyact comradekatya daisylae dirtydragraceconfessions dragyoutube dancanmakeyouhowell ellienonymous emilymeowww


fuckyeahkatyazamolodchikova glamtr0n godiscrazy hausofpearlet hausoftrashqueens idasoup imapearlgurl imonlyhereforexposure indianathunderfuck5000 irregardlesslykatya justbeaqween justpissforkatya jxckbarakitty katyaazamo katyaismymom katyalaska katyalater katyasburps katyasrussianaccent katyazamolodchikovas kissmemonsoon


lasagna-estranja lauren-eckerdt lavendernovelty leg-and-dairyy liaisoncollective loubuttins matteltrixie maxmalanaaphy maxmalanaphyscollective miss–fame missfameschicken missfameschickens missliaison missmalanaphy moistxlizard ohx3itsmagic only-elizabeth parishiltonisburning partycitychic pastel-eyebrows pastelmattel pearlchachki pearletmattel pearlsmashh princessbows776


rajageminiworld rajamanila rpdr-lover rpdr8 rupaulskatyarace rupaul-drag-race rusical simondwilliamson sissythatcunt stale-pearl teamdragqueens thecurseofpearl thedragdoctor thereallifeprincess thunderfuckd trashqueenx trixiechachki trixiematel trixiemomttel trixiexkatya trixya-zamattel trixyas twentyonequeens untuckedqueens untucking


violet-chachkis-whip violetchach-ki violetchachkismanbun violetchachkiswaist violetchotchke violethotchki violetneedles wateroffabatsback yeahdaddypearl your-own-personal-satan zamolodchikova

Thanks again (sorry if I forgot someone) <3

So I just hit 2,000 followers!! I have decided I will do a follow forever because everyone else is doing one I really love these blogs and they make my face smile and they are uber rad. They aren’t in any type of order. Also if I left you out (accidents happen) please let me know and I’ll include you on the next one!!

fuckyeahdragrace + queendrag + alaskathunderfuck + austin-scarlett + frontrowfish + fuckyeahalaskathunderfuck5000 + alaskanpearl + rpdrscreencaps + glamtr0n + pearl-liaison-and-pizza + were-team-adore-delaska + dragracemetohell + courtneyactsrattesticle + teamdragqueens + dragraceislife + violetchachkiswaist + delriodelano + bestdrag + delatothecreme + bexteroony + missmalanaphy + thedragdoctor + emilymeowww + pearl-harbors + untucking + violetchachkismanbun + kuukki + violetadore + fvck-yeah-pearl + missfameschicken + violetchotchke + tempest-dujour-wins + rpdr8 + alaskangarden + mvlanaphy + becauseiamwhatsickening + teambiblegirl + jinkx-it + parishiltonisburning + queenshannel + willamjesus + thereallifeprincess

And of course momsgoldteeth

(look at that fancy header I made, it looks nice)

So last night I hit 3000 followers. Just 1 month ago I made my 2k follow forever, that’s insane. Thank you all so much for following this horrible blog, when there are so many better blogs out there.

In fact, here are some of those better blogs. These blogs are all so fantastic and they are run by super awesome people and I love all of them, they are rad. These are in no particular order and I will probably be missing some, I make mistakes, fight me.

glamtr0n + pearl-liaison-and-pizza + dragracemetohell + courtneyactsrattesticle + itsmisslaceynoel + teamdragqueens + violetchachkiswaist + delriodelano + bestdrag + bexteroony + delatothecreme + missmalanaphy + sissythatart thereallifeprincess + willamjesus + queenshannel + queendrag + parishiltonisburning + jinkx-it + mvlanaphy + becauseiamwhatsickening + alaskangarden + rpdr8 + tempestsdujour + violetchotchke + missfameschicken + fvck-yeah-pearl + violetadore + kuukki + violetchachkismanbun + untucking + pearl-harbors + emilymeowww + thedragdoctor + bussykween + maxmalanaphy + notdoingdrag + imonlyhereforexposure + partycitychic + adore-willamcourtney-alaska-fame + ellienonymous + honestlypearl + hausofpearlet + daisylae + biancaseyelashes + pearletchachki + thecurseofpearl + dirtydragraceconfessions + blameit-onbiancadelrio + coffee-and-jinkx-monsoon + moistxlizard + ana-collective + curlyfriesinmyhair + condragulationsrupaul + rupaulskatyarace + fuckyeahdragrace + alaskanpearl + alaskathunderfuck + frontrowfish + austin-scarlett  + fuckyeahalaskathunderfuck5000

and of course momsgoldteeth

favorite blogs!

not in order

missfameschicken, lets-get-sickening, maxmalanaphy, max-collective, jinkxalicious queendrag queenshannel rajamanila teamdragqueens pearlsclampot delriodelano dragracemetohell fuckyeahdragrace fuckyeahmaxmalanaphy jinkx-it jinkxmonsoons zamolodchikova sissythatwalk courteneyact violetchotchke bussykween needhelppackin mvlanaphy matteltrixie pearlchachki rajaluzon shadetherusical rusical pearl-harbors maxmattel maniraruzon rpdr8 malanaphic mvlanaphy rajamrull pastelpepsi bring-back-my-ru-girls notdoingdrag rajageminiworld dragraceislife bestdrag

sorry if i forgot anyone

Thank you guys for helping me reach 200 followers on here!🎉🎉

I thought hey let’s do a follow forever to acknowledge my faves 💜 these are just blogs that I love and if I miss you out, I’m sorry I love you too!

adore-delaska adore-willamcourtney-alaska-fame adorespussy adoredelanolove alaskapleasethunderfuckme sharonneedlesenthusiast nogush courtneyactandcats miss–fame thunderfucking-raja alaskathunder-fvck dragracemetohell biancaseyelashes sissythatcunt bring-back-my-ru-girls courtneyactsrattesticle delriodelano dirtydragraceconfessions draaagland bitterbitchraven ellienonymous emilymeowww roygaylock fuckyeahdragrace fuckyeah-raven fuckyeahbiancadelrio fvck-yeah-pearl jinkx-it thejinkx rpdr8 rusical ruwantskatyadead teamdragqueens justdragracethings thunderfuckingalaska katyaazamo katyasburps katyasrussianaccent trannikarexx untucking lasagna-estranja violetchachkiswaist violethotchki loubuttins missfameschicken missfameschickens yetanotherbasicfangirl momsmeatytuck willam-belly willambelliofficial partycitychic pearl-liaison-and-pizza pearletchachki popcultureobsessed poppersprincess rajamrull rajamanila ravenhunty

And of course, momsgoldteeth courtneyact themaxcollective willambelli

Never would I’ve guessed that some day this little blog would have this much followers. I just wanted to share my love for the show and the queens we all have fallen in love with because of it. Thank you all for following me and sharing this amazing art that is DRAG! 

And a shout out to some of my favorite blogs, of course:
bring-back-my-ru-girls * bussykween * delriodelano * drag-goddammit
frank-ieru * fuckyeah- raven * glitteredeyes * haidybitch * ohnoyoubetterdont 
oracle-of-wifi * ourqueenstheglamazons * partycityshowgirlfreak
pastelpepsi * queenshannel * rusical * samrull * sarahseeandersen
sneedlespgh * sofast–somaybe teamdragqueens * untuckedqueens

I know I forgot many of you, but please know this: I enjoy every blog I’m following!