Stout Stuff, a prison visit & a garter.

Anna’s just returned home from France -

MATTHEW: It seems rather shocking for Anna to have to find me en déshabille.

ANNA: I’m made of stout stuff, sir. Don’t worry about that.

MARY: Are you seeing Bates today?

ANNA: I am. And I can’t wait.  (Just look how excited her little face is. Awww.)

MARY: Well, give him our best wishes.

Later that day…

JOHN BATES: How did you get on with Vera’s book?

ANNA: I had a few answers waiting for me when I got back and two returned address unknown.

BATES: Who from?

ANNA: Let me see. One was…a Mr Harlip, I think, and the other was… Mrs Bartlett, I think.

BATES: Well, Harlip doesn’t matter. He was a cousin in the north, she never saw him. But Mrs Bartlett’s a shame. She lived around the corner, she was very friendly with Vera.

ANNA: I’ll find her. Don’t worry.

BATES: Tell me about France. Did you eat frog’s legs and dance the cancan?

ANNA: No. But I bought a garter.

Who else wanted to hear the rest of this conversation?  ME!!! ME!!! It’s just like Fellowes to only give us a taste.