who’s that lady? sexy lady // black canary & arrow

Where did these robbers GET OFF thinking they could fly across the city, jumping from roof top to roof top? Just for some bags full of jewelry? What, did they think they were like FLYING spider-monkies or something? Whatever they were drugged up on as they kept going, Ollie had to keep up and he was getting tired of this. Not physically, but mentally tired. Didn’t they know he was going to catch them? When the dipshits finally stopped atop a roof of an apartment building, Arrow sighed. Finally.“What, stopped already? I haven’t been to the gym, I needed the cardio.” He slowly approached them, hand reached back for an arrow as his bow built itself. The arrow was touching the string when he saw someone in front of them. Blonde. Black fishnets. Bombshell.“Blackcanary?” @blcckcanary