🏆Honorary Ambassador of the Year🏆


The 2nd Honorary Ambassador Award goes to Dean Balabis of #TeamCutz. If there’s anyone worthy of being an honorary ambassador, it’s Dean. Look up “SUPPORTIVE” in the dictionary and you might just see his image there. He has given his support to Muscle League on numerous levels and never asked for anything in return. He’s never acted entitled or felt like anyone owes him anything. He’s never held out his hands begging for any handouts. When he gives, he does it proudly and void of any conditions. He’s one of few people that actually contributed a donation to our Olympia Indiegogo campaign. As soon as we put our shirts and tanks on sale, he was one of the first few orders that came in! That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you show support to something you believe in. And in all his giving, he gets it back by being the incredibly successful athlete that he is. Like Jake, I had the pleasure of watching him turn pro at USAs and was ecstatic when he won the Sacramento Pro to qualify for the 2015 Olympia just a couple of months later! Dean deserves every accolade he earns and then some. Congratulations, Dean Balabis… 2014 Muscle League Honorary Ambassador of the Year!!
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Happy Birthday @_cutz_ 🎁🎊🎈 Our athlete, friend, business partner and prep guru. Men, if you’re wanting to compete or just wanting to get the hot bod for this summer - hit this guy up. Women, hit up his better half @lindafiteam 👙 #teamcutz

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