Chapter 6 - Smack


It’s gunna be so awkward at the shoot today. I don’t wanna start no drama with Chyna right now, it wouldn’t be fair on her. I think i’ll talk to him today and see whats up. If he tries anything on me, I’ll give him a black eye. Chris is coming with Karrueche to come and pick me up a bit later. I’m gunna call Teyana and see if she wants to chill at mine for a bit. Maybe she could come to the shoot with me, I get bored. Kae and Chris are always up in each others business, when they kiss they hardly ever come up for air… I don’t feel comfortable around Ty at the moment and I don’t really know anyone else. I walked upstairs and picked my phone up from my dresser, I texted Tey.


Hey bitch, haven’t seen you in a while. You wanna chill today and come to the shoot with me later? :)

While I waited for her to reply, I got into the shower and washed my hair. I took my clothes off and hopped in. The cold water against my body felt so good after being out in the LA heat this morning. I always go for morning jogs, I like to keep fit, even if that means going for a jog by myself. I’m a fitness maniac but I still LOVE my fast food. After about 30 minutes, I got out of the shower and checked my phone. I had two unread messages:


Yeah ayt, I can come chill with you for a bit but I need to go to Angela’s crib before we go to the shoot

From Boss/Tyga:

Come to the living room

What the hell does he mean, ‘come to the living room’? He better not be in my house. PLEASE. Don’t tell me he used to key, please. I literally prayed to God that he wasn’t in my house. I walked out of my room and to the living room, I looked around, there was no one there. I took a deep breathe, feeling relieved. I sat on the sofa and replied back to Teyana’s text. I kept hearing noises coming from the kitchen. It sounded like someone was looking in cupboards or some shit. I got up, picked up a vase (to use for protection) and walked into the kitchen. Stood in my kitchen was this nigga.

“You scared the shit out of me!” I yelled.

“Stop acting like a pussy all the damn time”

“I thought you was Ty-“

“Chill” she laughed.

Kae gets on my nerves. Tryna scare me. She went upstairs to grab some clothes while Chris stayed in the car. I looked out of the front door, it was wide open and waved to him. He waved back and smiled. I went back in and up to my room, Kae rushed past me and told me that she’ll be back in 15 minutes to pick me up. 15 MINUTES! I better hurry up. I texted Teyana saying that i’ll go see her tomorrow cause she wouldn’t have made it in time.



Seiko needs to chill out and just talk to Ty about this, cause shes acting all paranoid and stuff and i can’t deal with that. I still don’t understand why Ty would be doing something like this, him and Chy have been together for ages. What’s wrong with him?

“Why you so deep in thought?” Chris asked.

“Oh nothing, just thinking”

“There’s something you’re not telling me, isnt there? Is it too do with Seiko looking as pale as a ghost when she waved to me at the door. She looked so scared.”

“Mmmm, you could say that”

“Wassup then.”

“Ok fine. Just don’t say anything to anyone.” he nodded. “Ty has been trying it with Seiko and she don’t like it, Shes been paranoid and uptight since he rang her the other night”

Chris laughed. “That’s my nigga. Always keeping more than one”

I slapped him so hard. “Prick” I mumbled.

Me and chris continued talking about them until we got back to pick Seiko up. He told me to tell Seiko to talk to Ty and find out what’s going on. He stressed the fact that she shouldn’t tell Chyna. He said that he’d try keep Ty away from her at the shoot until she’s ready to talk to him.

We arrived back at mine and Seiko’s, well i’d say its hers since i dont really spend the night there anymore. Chris beeped the car horn and she rushed out and got in the back of the car. We drove off to the shoot location. A beach. It was hot as hell, I couldn’t wait!



We were halfway through the shoots, I could feel Tys eyes fixated on me. Chris and Kae told me in the car that Chris knows about it all and he gave me advice, which I’m going to take. I’ll talk to Ty after the shoot. It was starting to get dark. We finished off taking swimsuit pictures and went inside a studio to take pictures in clothes. I was trying to avoid eye contact with him, but he would occasionally do stupid signals and put me off.

The photoshoot came to a close so i ran down to my changing room and started to get changed. I got changed into something comfortable. I sat on the couch in my room and checked my Twitter. Later i heard a knock on the door. They pulled the handle and opened the door.

“Chris said you wanna talk to me, wassup?”

“Uh yeah…. What are you playing at?”

“What you mean?” He said, sitting on the coach next to me, picking my legs up and putting them on his lap.

“THIS! STUFF LIKE THIS!” I shouted, taking my legs off his lap.

“Just tryna be nice, damn.”

“You have Chyna, so why you trying with me?!” I looked at him. I would be able to tell if he’s lying by looking into his eyes.

He held my face up and said “I want you though. You’re a straight 10, especially your ass. She aint got nothing on you, believe me.” He grabbed my face and kissed me. I pushed him off me, to the ground. He held onto the table and got back up.

“THE FUCK YOU DOING?” someone shouted.

I looked at the door, Chyna was standing there. She looked mad as hell. Red lipstick was smeared all of his face, how the hell am i supposed to explain this to her? She walked over to us, she looked at me…. she looked at him.


Shit just got real.


Who do you think Chyna hit?