Camera daddie Suwan at it again… Suwan having a great time bonding with his fellow Astral Agents at the cabaret show. Impressive performances by all! Awesome team bonding.


Team bonding suffers in tech age


Ask many coaches, general managers and older players and you’ll hear a common gripe: chemistry on teams has been altered because of modern technology, and not for the better. The rise of smartphones, with all their instant-communication and entertainment options, have created insular worlds into which distracted players too often retreat instead of bonding with teammates.

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ND Secret Santa Party 2013

  • I got there kind of late because I was waiting at home charging my phone.
  • Everyone looked super cute and I ate a lot.
  • SOMEONE ended up leaving early and I got kind of sad but it’s whatever ._.
  • I told Malka and Jackie about certain activities.  
  • Ok.
  • LOL.
  • Bonding with Manon.
  • Manon: I just realized how alone you must be in this group.
  • Yes. ;_; I am alone. 
  • Sighs. Ok more bonding with Manon and eventually this group kind of gathered in a seperate room because in the living room all the freshmen+sophomore boys were playing Brawl idk.
  • We had stimulating conversation and then Colin + Manon + Me freaked out about Pitch Perfect. 
  • I DIDN’T GET A SECRET SANTA GIFT ;_; Oh whale. My secret santa has already been so generous I can’t really complain. 
  • My sister and her friend came to escort me home and I was like wat ._.
  • Yah it was so much fun to see Yayla and Manon and even Jackie again after so long :3.