Dots Team Retreat - A Trip About Connecting

Having fun playing TwoDots? We’re glad to hear it! 

We decided to have a little of our own fun too. So, the Dots Team ventured into the woods in upstate New York a few weeks ago. Bonfires, beer, and of course, plenty of games ensued. 

(Don’t worry, we also thought up some exciting ideas for TwoDots while we were away, we can’t wait to share them with you in our next update!)  

Our first team dinner - Steve gives it one thumbs-up 

Take a look at what we were up during our retreat! 

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That one time Anka and Hanji took on Reiner and Erwin in a game of chaotic air hockey. And no, Hanji doesn’t cheat…she just gets the job done. #thesurveycorpsdance #round1 #hangout #teambonding

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