ND Secret Santa Party 2013

  • I got there kind of late because I was waiting at home charging my phone.
  • Everyone looked super cute and I ate a lot.
  • SOMEONE ended up leaving early and I got kind of sad but it’s whatever ._.
  • I told Malka and Jackie about certain activities.  
  • Ok.
  • LOL.
  • Bonding with Manon.
  • Manon: I just realized how alone you must be in this group.
  • Yes. ;_; I am alone. 
  • Sighs. Ok more bonding with Manon and eventually this group kind of gathered in a seperate room because in the living room all the freshmen+sophomore boys were playing Brawl idk.
  • We had stimulating conversation and then Colin + Manon + Me freaked out about Pitch Perfect. 
  • I DIDN’T GET A SECRET SANTA GIFT ;_; Oh whale. My secret santa has already been so generous I can’t really complain. 
  • My sister and her friend came to escort me home and I was like wat ._.
  • Yah it was so much fun to see Yayla and Manon and even Jackie again after so long :3. 
Today's Team Bonding was....

Interesting. Haha. We all had a good time and meal at Mel’s Diner. Well… I know I did. I ate a deuce coupe and had a banana shake ( OMAIGOD IT WAS SO GOOD). It was also the birth of several inside jokes :D “How do I eat this?” After dinner we all headed to Chuck e Cheese. Honestly I was expecting a crappy arcade/pizza place like the one I went to 3 years ago, however it seemed to be alright this time. Much imporved. We had quite a bit of fun there too, played the arcade games, had bball challenges,played air hockey, fussball , and guitar hero for the first time in my life :P. Hard level and 89% hit rate :D Overall, it was quite a fun First Team bonding. Hope there are more !