Ayo, it’s that time of year fam!! 2016 is winding down (baruch hashem, finally), so I wanted to take the time to thank the people who’ve consistently made me and my dash happy throughout the year(s). Thank you so much, and happy new year!!

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And to my three idols, ilysm, happy new year
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Baseball as Sexualitys

Strait People: One Team

Gay People: A different, slightly more fabulous team

Bisexuals: Batting for both teams and just being generally confusing

Asexuals: Really Great Cheerleaders, but don’t care much for scoring

Aromantics: Don’t enjoy cheering, but love a good game

Pansexuals: Who the fuck knows? Probably just running amuck around the field.

Allies: Idk parents cheering for their kids I guess

My Thoughts

is it bad that i want someone with goals in life. like i dont understand why people get offended when i say i want the person i want to be with to have goals not just knowing what the hell they are going to eat that night. i want someone to know that they wanna be succussful in life and try their hardest and persue their fucking dreams. i dont just want a somebody and this goes for men and women that just is worried about having sex all the time how about being romantic being nice make me want to give you pussy lol dont exspect to get some pussy when you out here doing dumb shit and actin a damn fool and shit of that nature like tf where can i find a man or woman who will respect me care for me be faitful HAVE FUCKING GOALS IN LIFE real trustworthy tounge game on fleek sexy as fuck knows when to talk and when to shut up will treat me like im FUCKING supposed to be treated o yeah almost forgot and REALLY FUCKING ROMANTIC WHERE THE FUCK IS THIS PERSON JUST WANTED TO POST MY THOUGHTS LOOKING FOR ANYONE THAT CAN MEET THIS TAKING APPLICATIONS LMFAO KIK ME IF THIS IS YOU shiraya_

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I have a #teambisexual shirt and a #teamequality shirt from lezbeontalk that have both been sitting in my car doing nothing bc my friend doesn’t want them. So, since I’m not bi, and my parents are ignorant(I don’t want to hear them yelling) does anyone want them? Completely free. Let me know soon, or I’m just gonna give it to charity or something.