So at some point the Lolilo gang end up playing Mr and Mrs/The Newlywed Game/Know your boo. They find a version somewhere (let’s say they go to a holiday cottage somewhere and its the only game other than Risk. TeamB are not allowed to play Risk because they band together to destroy all in their path then become locked in a war of attrition which goes on for hours), they all agree absolutely not to play it, then cannot resist the lure of victory.

Ben and Bea do way worse than anyone thought. This is because they insist on giving overly accurate answers (Q: What is Bea’s favourite colour? Ben: Blue like the wattles of the magnificent North Island Kokako. Bea: Tardis Blue you idiot). Pete and Fred refuse to allow them the points. Balth suggests offering half points. He is ignored.

Kit and Freddie do ok, Pete and Balth are amazing. The game ends when Balth is asked to name Pete’s favourite band. His answer is Sheep Dog and Wolf. Pete has of course written down Balthazar Jones. Balth blushes and hides his smile in Pete’s shoulder. Bea and Ben end the game on account of disgusting sappiness.