Тегуаньинь с личжи. Тегуаньинь + Личжи. Что тут ещё сказать ) лист еще вполне свеж. #екб #чай #улун #ekb #teamall (в – магазин настоящего чая и кофе)

So yeah, I mean I completely understand the wanting to move on, and be happy matter. I understand. I wouldn’t want to see him mope around all damn day and be miserable. BUT there is a such thing as TOO fucking SOON. I mean, if you LOVE someone, and fucking made the investment to buy a god damn ring, pay for all wedding expenses, buy a house, new car, furniture appliances, fix the pool, buy expensive video equipment, etc. Then I think that you would take that into consideration. Also telling the people who are the reason WHY you have all the luxeries that you do have, to fuck off and that it’s none of their business, and get annoyed for people wanting some form of closure, isn’t cool.

I’m done with him, he’s coming off an asshole. Yes I know it’s one vs 1.5 million but W.T.F you make the money you do because of the 1.5 million people. We watch, we subscribe, we buy your damn merch, attend your damn concerts, go to conventions to meet you.. 

He could have at least ignored it, just like she did, and taken a break from all of this, but the fact that he feels like he needs to defend himself time after time speaks for itself. You wouldn’t feel the need to defend yourself over something that wasn’t true. I don’t care, give me all the hate/shit in the world. But I’m not the only one thinking it. 

It’s too fucking soon to be having your arms around some other bitch, it’s only been a month since you announced the divorce. Chill the fuck out, get your life together, go relax, take a vacation, take a break from the internet and let it all cool down.

I’m out because I’m done seeing videos of him just having to explain and defend himself. I hated hitting that unsubscribe button, I’ve been watching since 2010..

These are my own personal thoughts and opinions, I could care less what anyone thinks, agree, disagree, it doesn’t matter. Just leave the poor man alone.

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.@alroker had some trouble exiting the wrestling ring this morning!

— TODAY (@TODAYshow) March 30, 2015

Poor Al Roker. He was trying to look all cool in front of the new WWE Champion Seth Rollins, but The Today Show didn’t set the ring up right. Look at those sloppy, loose ropes. Al didn’t stand a chance.

Yes it’s hilarious, and Roker played it all off perfectly. #TeamAl

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Шу гематоген, сорри, кирпич пуэра, 250г. Уже ждет вас в Ти-Молл #екб #чай #пуэр #teamall #ekb (в – магазин настоящего чая и кофе)

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Заварка так 5-я. Мягкий вкус, нет землистых нот во вкусе. Даже сладковатый. #пуэр #чай #teamall (в – магазин настоящего чая и кофе)