Xenoblade Comicals MASTERPOST - COMPLETE

So here in this post I’ll be linking all of the comics in chronological order (or at least as best as I can). I’ll try to consistently update this too so every comic is on here. But yeah, it’ll be an easy place to read everything in order (hopefully, hahahah).

Also, from day to day I don’t necessarily post the comics in chronological order, so this post is the best resource if a clear timeline is what you’re looking for.

The links will be arranged in order of story locations (so say the comic was on Colony 9 sidequests later in the game, it’d be under “COLONY 9 REVISITED” rather than “COLONY 9″), so hopefully spoilers will be kept to a minimum (since locations aren’t too bad in terms of spoilers, imo)

If you’d like to read all of the comics in the order that they were posted, click here! If you’d like to find a certain comic, the links below (and other masterposts) may help!

THESE COMICS ARE COMPLETE!! I won’t be making any more of these! Thanks for enjoying them! :>

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Wait what did Joss Whedon do?

have you seen age of ultron yet?

a lot of marvel fans (me included) are really frustrated/upset about how Natasha/Black Widow was written, as she’s kind of set aside as the bland “”girlfriend”” character rather than a main character and an asset to the team

all in all we’re real disappointed in his writing skills and his representation of her character

Admin Post - WUH?!?

We never tell you all how awesome you are! We posted about being 5 readers short of 25000 yesterday. You all answered our call, and we are now above and beyond that. We reached 25038 followers overnight, and that’s simply extraordinary.

This is in time for our upcoming anniversary celebration! That’s right, the THF admin team are in full plan mode for our 3 year anniversary. Can you believe it? We’ve been here for 3 years, 17,837 posts, and survived Tom as Loki at SDCC, Nerd HQ Tom, Wet T-Shirt Tom, Exercising Tom, Jaguar Tom, and we’re gearing up for the next: Crimson Peak Tom, SKULL ISLAND TOM, and I Saw the Light Tom. (Fingers crossed, this will be Oscar/Awards Circuit Tom, yes?)

To keep you all entertained, we bring you the fics that have been updated or posted to the blog SINCE March 16. We are current as of this posting, except loading these into the archive. (That takes a lot of time and patience because tumblr hates the size of our pages. We have a plan for that, and we’re hoping to combine that with our anniversary celebration!)

Lots of updates to ongoing fics, and we’ve had some new authors. We’re always looking to expand our library. So get writing!

Don’t forget about our AUTHOR page (how to be added) and our HIGHLIGHTED STORIES page (how to be added). Always looking for new additions.

As a friendly reminder to all newcomers if you plan on submitting, visit our FAQs page and our DISCLAIMER page for any questions.

Happy Easter, if you celebrate it. We love you and thank you for being here. Spread the love to our authors. We appreciate all the talent that they share with us. 

-THF Admin Team

All updates below the cut: March 16 through April 4

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